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China Regular Train Seating Plan

The regular train, or normal speed train, has several classes in China, which includes non-stop express (Z) train, express (T) train, fast (K) train, slow train and etc.
The regular train offers three kinds of travel services. That is, seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper.
Before travel the train, many people with tickets in hands are curious to know where exaction locations their seats are, are they window seats or aisle seats and etc. In this article, China Train Guide.Com will show you the layout maps of different coaches and let you find your position on the train quickly using the ticket number.

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  1. Chair Coach Seating Map
  2. Hard Sleeper Coach Layout
  3. Soft Sleeper Coach Layout

China Regular Train Seat Coach Layout Map

In China, the conventional passenger train, or the normal speed passenger train mainly uses two types of passenger cars. That is, the 25 type passenger car and the 22 type passenger car.
25 type passenger car is commonly used on the blue or red train which is well known as new type air conditioned train, while 22 type passenger car is used on the slow speed green train.
25 type passenger car can have 112 seats, 118 seats, 122 seats or 128 seats and 22 type passenger car has 116 seats or 118 seats. As you can see, the most used passenger car on China regular train has a capacity of 118 seats.
Now, with the seat number and capacity of the passenger car, you can check with corresponding seating map to locate your seat in the coach easily.

China Regular Train Seat Map
The picture shows seating charts for coaches with capacity of 118, 116, 112, 128 and 122 respectively. As you can see, inside the most used 118-seat coach, window seats are No. 1 seat, No. 4 seat, No. 5 seat, No. 9 seat as well as those seats with ending numbers of 0, 4, 5, 9 and aisle seats are No. 2 seat, No. 3 seat, No. 7 seat, No. 8 seat as well as those seats with ending numbers of 2, 3, 7 and 8 (No. 118 is an exception, it' a window seat instead). From the seating chart, you can also easily find which seats are rear facing and which are forward facing and ect.

Hard Sleeper Coach Layout on China Regular Train

Most hard sleeper coaches have 11 cabins each. There are also some old style coaches which have 10 cabins each.
Inside each hard sleeper cabin, 2 lower bunks, 2 middle bunks and 2 upper bunks are comprised of.

Hard Sleeper Coach Seating Map
The picture shows layout map inside the hard sleeper coach on China's normal speed train. As you can see, 22 upper bunks, 22 middle bunks and 22 lower bunks are arranged in 11 cabins.

Soft Sleeper Coach Layout on China Regular Train

The soft sleeper coach has 9 cabins, inside each cabin two lower bunks and two upper bunks are arranged. For example, bunks 1, 2, 3 and 4 are arranged in the first cabin, bunks 5, 6, 7, 8 are arranged in another one, and so on.

China Train Soft Sleeper Coach Layout Map
Layout map inside the soft sleeper coach on China's conventional train. If you happen to travel with another three people, it's a good idea to reserve a complete soft sleeper cabin so that all your people can stay together.

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