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China G Train Business Class Seat

There are three kinds of high speed bullet trains in China, naming C train, D train and G train. Business class seat, as well as premium class seat are mainly available on G trains. Besides this, G train also has 1st class seat and 2nd class seat.
In this article, we will provide detailed information on the business class seat so that you can know if it is worth a try.

Main Content List:

  1. The Seat: How it looks like?
  2. Inside Business Class Coach
  3. How Business Class Seat is Priced and Who uses It.
  4. What Additional Services You Can Expect from It?

The Seat: Photos, Functionalities and Accessories

Business class seat on China's G train looks very stylish with the bright red leather seat embedded in a milk-white hard backshell. The seat is reclinable. It provides three positions, that is, seated option, reclining option and lie-flat option which enables you to use it as as a bed. Even though we don't have its dimension data to provide, it's reported that a person of 180 cm height has sufficient legroom to lay on when it is fully-flat reclined.

China Train Business Class Seat
The picture shows two business class seats one in lie-flat mode and another in seated mode.

Business class seat is equipped with reading lamp, folding tray table on the right side so that passengers can put books, mobile phones, Ipad, notebook PC, packed lunch and other small items on. Meanwhile, to its left side, in the arm rest, are an electrical outlet for recharging of laptop or tablet and an In-Vehicle Infotainment which provides television program, movies, music and etc to let travelera to entertain their journey. Shortcoming is that the entertainment device has Chinese interface only and those who don't know Chinese may not be able to figure it out.

China Train Business Class Seat
A view from the back shows the business class seat has an egg shape. Inside the back pocket, you can find newspaper, magazine, slippers, paper trash bag for small piece of rubbish and etc are provided. To keep the foot rest clean, China Train Guide advise you change from shoes to slippers as soon as you board the train.

Appendix: China Standardized EMU Fuxing Hao which was put into operation in October 2017 running on Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway has yellow coloring business class seats and the television in the left side has been removed.

The Coach and Service Facilities

Business class seats are mainly available on the first and last coaches of the train with purpose to provide better sight view to the passenger, that's why some people call it as VIP sight-seeing seat.
Depending on train series, some trains also have business class seats arranged in the middle part of the train on No. 3 coach and etc.

China Train Business Class Seat
The picture shows some bright red business class seats on China's high speed train. As you can see, space between rows of business class seats is about 2 meters which provides additional room for those tall passengers to stretch out. Large free space inside the business class cabin undoubtedly dispels the worrying of those passengers traveling with many suitcases.

Business class seats located in the head and tail of the train use shared coaches with 1st class seats or 2nd class seats. There is a sliding door that seperates business class seats with others which makes people inside feel more inside of a small cabin. Number of business class seats inside the cabin can be 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13 and 15 basing on the cabin space while the exclusive business class coach has 24 seats.
Business class seats are arranged in the 2-seat row or 3-seat row in the structure of 1+1 or 2+1.

Onboard bar of China High Speed Train
International Travelers are communicating with the attendant at the bar counter on China's high speed train. For those who don't like China train meal , the bar counter also has microwave oven to cook your own food as well as the fridge to keep the food fresh.

Business class cabin/coach features:
1. Private onboard bar providing free coffee, juice and other kinds of drinks.
2. Private toilets, one for sitting and another for squatting.
3. Wash basin cabinets with warm water.
4. Lockers.
5. Call bell system.
6. WiFi Facilities.

Private Toilet for Business Class Train Traveler
A priviate toilet for business class travelers. The toilet is kept clean with paper avaiable.

Price and User Segmentation

No doubt, business class seat has high price, which is about three times of price of second class seat and about two times of that of first class seat. For adult traveler, cost per business class seat per kilometer is from CNY 1 Yuan to CNY 1.5 Yuan on Chinese high speed G trains. In general, it costs more to get around the rich Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta than to travel around other parts of China as the authority uses differential pricing strategy on different regions according to the standard of living of local people.
The business class seat is targeting to high profile people. In case of unavailability of 2nd class and 1st class seats, Chinese people from ordinary social class may opt to business class seat.
If budget permits, international travelers are recommended to book themselves in business class seats for guaranteed comfort.

Hongqiao Railway Station Business Class Lounge
A business class lounge at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. Passengers with business class seat or premium class seat tickets can go here to wait the train to get priority boarding.

Services List

Ticket holders of business class seats are entitled with a number of excellent services ranging from ticket purchasing to traveling of the train.
I. Some large railway stations has VIP window selling business class seats only. Comparing to those regular windows with long lines of people queuing up for tickets, it's quite easy and fast to purchase tickets here.
II. Medium and large railway stations have VIP lounges for business class travelers which provide free drinks and snacks, newspapers and magazines, free Wi-Fi access and etc. They also offer free porter service for those with big luggage and free wheelchair service to help passengers with special need to board the train . Some VIP lounges even have railway staffs to lead you to the right platform to board the train.
III: Train attendants are obligated to welcome you at the door of the business class coach/cabin and guide you to your seat.
IV: On board of the train, business class travelers should be provided with blankets and pillows, eyeshades, towelettes, slippers, shoe covers and headphones.
V: Chinese style breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are provided if you happen to travel during the mealtimes.
VI: Bottled water, juices, Chinese snacks are provided to all business class travelers.

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