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China Bullet Train First Class Seat

China's high speed train offers four kinds of seats: business class seat, premium class seat, first class seat and second class seat.
Unlike business class seat and premium class seat which have very limited numbers on a train, first class seat and second class seat are the two most popular seating types.
Price for first class seat ticket on the high speed train is about 1.6 times of that of second class seat and many people are doubting what they can get from the first class seat for the additional money paid. Now let people at China Train Guide.Com disclose the gap between first class seat and second class seat so that you can know "secrets" behind the price difference.

1st Class Seat vs 2nd Class Seat

  1. First class seat is much wider than second class seat: in the same size of coach, first class seats are arranged 4 seats per row in 2+2 structure and second class seats are arranged 5 seats per row in 2+3 structure. The aisle in first class coach is also wider than that in second class coach.
  2. China high speed train 2nd class seat coach
    Seating layout inside a 2nd class seat coach. As you can see,the aisle divdes the seat row into two parts, three seats on one side and two seats on another side.

  3. Space between rows of first class seats is from 1080 cm to 1160 cm and space between rows of second class seats is from 860 cm to 1020 cm. No doubt, first class seats have more leg room.
  4. Angle of inclination for first class seat can be changed from 5 degrees to 32 degrees while second class seat can be inclined from right angle to 24 degrees maximum.
  5. First class seat features protective headrest wings.
  6. First class seat features adjustable neck pillow.
  7. Stuffings inside first class seat are more thick and soft than that used on second class seat.
  8. Armrest on first class seat is wider than that of second class seat. Unlike second class seat armrest, armrest on first class seat is not movable.
  9. China's Fuxing bullet train has the charging port on the armrest of first class seat, while to second class seat, charging port is located near the leg of the seat on almost all CRH train series.
  10. Head-set socket is available on the armrest of first class seat.
  11. On first class seat, reclining adjusting button is located at the side of armrest, while on second class seat, it's located to the bottom of armrest.
  12. China high speed train first class seat coach
    Seating layout inside a 1st class seat coach on Fuxing Bullet Train. As you can see, 4 seats are arranged each row in 2+2 structure. A close-up shows that first class seat features neck pillow and headrest wings.

  13. On CRH2A as well as on some CRH380A, CRH2G trains, independent small window is available to first class seat.
  14. The two-tier tray table on first class seat is folded inside the armrest; while the tray table with one cup holder to second class seat is placed on the back of the front seat, to the right side of the passenger.
  15. Magazine bag on the back of first class seat uses same fabric material with the cushion, while second class seat uses net bag to store magazines, newspaper and etc.
  16. First class seat offers double sided foot pedal. When the glossy side of the foot pedal is turned on, it's used by the wearer; when the velvet side is on, it is used for the shoeless.
  17. The reversing handle on first class seat has a U shape while reversing handle to second class seat is a button.
  18. Coat hook to first class seat is placed on the chair back while second class seat has wall mounted coat hook.
  19. On some train series, first class seat coach uses warm lighting and second class seat coach uses cool lighting.
  20. More than 4 types of drinks and snacks are provided to passengers in the first class coaches on G trains that run across more than one railway administration.
  21. First class seats never use shared room with the dining car.
  22. First class coach has compulsory procedure for ticket check, while second class coach differs this.
  23. China high speed train first class seat
    Near the armrest of first class seat, headset socket is avaiable which makes it possible for passengers to listen music while riding of the train.

  24. In general, first class seat coach has lower occupancy than that of second class seat coach.
  25. First class seat cover may be colored in gray, red or purple, while the cover of second class seat is mainly in blue coloring even though Fuxing bullet train uses similar yellow coloring on first class seat and second class seat.
  26. Standing ticket holders are not allowed to enter first class seat coaches while overcrowding can be found on some second class seat coaches.

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