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5 Day Yellow Mountains and Huangshan City In-Depth Tour


This five-day tour ( tour code 559-108) takes you through some of the most spectacular sceneries and the best cultural sights of Huangshan. By strolling down traditional Tunxi Old Street, checking out Huangshan Mountain, visiting the filming locations of the Oscar-winning film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and exploring Tangyue Memorial Stone Archway Cluster as well as the majestic Bao Garden, you will find the mystery of natural and cultural heritages of Huangshan.


  1. Check out Huangshan Mountain, one of the most beautiful mountains in China
  2. View the scenery from the Oscar-winning film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”
  3. Enjoy plenty of photo opportunities along the way
  4. Relax with the convenience of an English-speaking tour guide and a driver
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Day 1 Huangshan Arrival

Overnight In Tunxi (the downtown of Huangshan City)

Private tour guide and driver meet you at the Huangshan North Railway Station, Huangshan Railway Station or Huangshan Tunxi International Airport and then take you to the hotel. After a rest, you’ll be invited to visit Tunxi Old Street, a strip of traditional Huizhou-style shops and residences which can be dated back to the Song Dynasty. Along the way you’ll be able to learn more about the city.

Tunxi Old Street
Hungshan Tunxi Old Street

Day 2 Tunxi→ Shexian County→ Mount Huangshan

Overnight on the Top of Mountain

After breakfast, drive approximate 1 hour to China’s Historical Town- Shexian County. Visit the No.1 Chinese Fengshui Village- Chengkan. The Baolun Hall is renowned for its well preserved ancient architectures and colorful paintings with a history of over 500 years. After that, drive approximate 50 minutes to the World Cutural and Natural Heritage Site- Mt. Huangshan. From Tangkou Transfer Center (also known as Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station) take the shuttle bus and ride about 20 minutes to the Yungu Cable Way Station and then take the cable car to come up to the mountain in about 10 minutes. Here you will embark on a memorable trip to the peak of the magnificent mountain.

Huangshan Mountain
Buddha's Halo Appears in the Mountain Huangshan

The craggy rock faces, hanging mists and clustered pines of Huangshan create a lovely and distinctly Chinese landscape, one instantly recognizable from countless images on silk, paper and porcelain. The mountain range, consisting of some 70 peaks over 1,000 m (3,300 ft), spills across the southern province of Anhui in an exquisite jumble of scenic highlights — twisted lone pines clinging to stony spires, seas of clouds filling rugged valleys, and crystalline mountain spring-fed pools.

Stone Monkey Gazing Over the Sea of Clouds
Stone Monkey on Mountain Huangshan Gazing Over the Sea of Clouds

We will guide you to visit Black Tiger Pine , Flower Scaterring Valley, Pentip Brush , Untiy Pine and etc. Before checking in and stay overnight on the Mountain, we will choose the best place to watch the sunset at the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion.

Day 3 Mt. Huangshan

Overnight on the Top of Mountain

Meet the guide in the early hours to enjoy a breath-taking sunrise over Huangshan (Purple Cloud Peak). Though dependent on the weather, this is an unforgettable experience that comes highly recommended. After breakfast, we will visit the West Sea Grand Canyon using the new Xihai Cable Car.

The West Sea Grand Canyon of the Yellow Mountain
The West Sea Grand Canyon of Mountain Huangshan

This is a relatively new scenic area opened in 2000 that has been dubbed "Heaven on Earth" and "A Fantasy World" for its unique and beautiful scenery. Some argue that West Sea Grand Canyon is the most impressive section of Huangshan, fully embodying the mysterious and intriguing aesthetic that has made the area such a famous destination.

The West Sea Grand Canyon of the Yellow Mountain
The West Sea Grand Canyon of Mountain Huangshan

In the afternoon, you’ll enjoy the scenery from another one of Huangshan's marvelous viewpoints,including Turtle Peak, Brightness Top, etc. Watch the sunset on the Flying Over Rock platform and then return to the hotel.

Day 4 Mt. Huangshan → Yixian County

Overnight in Yixian County

Meet with your guide in the early hours to enjoy a breath-taking sunrise over Huangshan (Cooling Terrace).You will visit Lion Peak, Stone Monkey Gazing at the Sea of Cloud, Flying dragon pine,Dawn Pavilion,etc. After breakfast, you will continue to visit Beginning to Believe Peak, Crouching Dragon Pine, Exploring Sea of Clouds Pine, Lianli Pine, etc. Then you'll descend the mountain via the Yungu Cable Car and take the Shuttle bus to Tangkou Transfer Center. We will then drive about 50 minutes to Yixian County and check in to the hotel or local boutique. You can walk or ride a bike to visit one of the most famous bookstores in China. It is Bishan bookstore built in a traditional ancestral temple.

Bishan Bookstore in Bishan Village
Bishan Bookstore in Bishan Village

Day 5 Hongcun Village

After breakfast, we will visit the Hongcun Village & Nanping Village. They are charming traditional Huizhou villages, and best known as the filming sites of the Oscar-winning film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. We will show you around the village and take you to pay a visit to a local family where you'll have the chance to have a better understanding of the life and traditions of the local people living around Mount Huangshan. After that, we will drive to either the train station or the airport to say goodbye to you.

Hongcun Ancient Village in Huangshan
Hongcun Village Huangshan

About the Tour Operator and Guide

Huangshan Tour Guide
My name is Nick Wang, I work for China International Travel Service Huangshan Branch. I have been the English-speaking tour guide since 2009. During these years, I arranged lots tours for many guests from all over the world to visit Huangshan. I also took part in various national activities including Huangshan International Tourism Festival, Anhui Investment and Trade Expo.
With my experiences, I am good at Huangshan customized tour. And if you have any special tour request or you would like to have an unforgettable tour memory in Huangshan with your friends, colleagues or family, please feel free to contact me.
In my spare time. I like taking pictures, hiking, reading, etc. Come and join with me in Huangshan.


The tour price will be very flexible according to your tour requests. Please contact to get the tailored quotation.

Contact and Booking

⚑ Company Name: Anhui China International Travel Service Co.,Ltd. Huangshan Branch
☛ Address: No.12 Binjiang Road, No.2 Ligang Building, Tunxi District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province
☎ Telephone: +86-13615594178
✉ Email: [email protected], please indicate the tour code 559-108 while make enquiries.

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