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The multi-day tours in Huangshan ( tour code 559-108) take you through some of the most spectacular sceneries and the best cultural sights of Huangshan. By strolling down traditional Tunxi Old Street, checking out Mount Huangshan, visiting the filming locations of the Oscar-winning film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", you will find the real mystery in natural and cultural heritages of Huangshan.


  1. Check out Huangshan Yellow Mountain, one of the most beautiful mountains in China
  2. Experience the glorious sunrise and the glorious sunset over Mount Huangshan
  3. View the scenery on the Oscar-winning film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”
  4. Enjoy plenty of photo opportunities along the way
  5. Reside in hotels that have best rooms and best services
  6. Relax with the convenience of an English-speaking tour guide and a driver
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Day 1 Huangshan Arrival

Overnight In Tunxi (the downtown of Huangshan City)

Huangshan City Tour Itineraries and Activities: Private tour guide and driver meet you at the Huangshan North Railway Station, Huangshan Railway Station or Huangshan Tunxi International Airport and then take you to the hotel. After a rest, you’ll be invited to visit Huangshan Tunxi Old Street, a strip of modern shops as well as traditional Hui-style residential houses which can be dated back to 700 years ago of the Song Dynasty. Along the way you’ll be able to learn more about the city.

Tunxi Old Street
Hungshan Tunxi Old Street

Accommodation: the best five star accommodation in the superior room in Huangshan International Hotel that is close to Xin'an River and Tunxi Old Street in the downtown. With state of art facilities and excellent customer services, Huangshan International Hotel is well known to be the most ideal place for foreigners to stay at. Besides several Chinese restaurants that serve Anhui, Huaiyang and Cantonese cuisines, Huangshan International Hotel also has Western restaurant. It offers free breakfast as well.

Huangshan International Hotel
the five star Hungshan International Hotel situates on the bank of Xin'an River

Day 2 Tunxi→ Shexian County→ Mount Huangshan

Overnight on Mountaintop

Shexian County and Mount. Huangshan Tour Itineraries and Activities: After breakfast, drive approximate 1 hour to China’s Historical Town- Shexian County to visit Chengkan, the country's No.1 village of Ancient Art of Feng Shui. Built in light of the I Ching, Chengkan village has an outer Bagua shape since it is divided into 8 parts by a south to north river. The village was initially formed during the Three Kingdom Period in Eastern Han Dynasty and it prospered in Song Dynasty when an aristocratic Luo family moved here. Among the more than 150 historic buildings from Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties that are well preserved in Chengkan Village, Baolun Hall distinguishes with the exquisite ancient architecture, beautiful, delicate wood carvings and colorful paintings.
Leaving from Chengkan Village, we then drive approximate 50 minutes to Tangkou Transfer Center which is also known as Huangshan Scenic Area Bus Station. There we will take a shuttle bus and spend another 20 minutes on the road to get to the foot of Mount Huangshan as private cars are not allowed in Huangshan Scenic Area. With the cable car from Yungu Cable Station, we can then get to the mountaintop in about 10 minutes. Here you formally embark on a memorable trip to the peak of the magnificent Mount Huangshan, the World Cutural and Natural Heritage Site.

Huangshan Mountain
Buddha's Halo (or Light) Appears over the Huangshan Mountains

It seems the nature is creating innumerable traditional Chinese landscape paintings with peculiarly-shaped pines, roggy rocks, hanging misty clouds on Mount Huangshan and you can instantly recognize this once you have come up to the mountain. The Huangshan mountain range, consisting of some 70 peaks over 1,000 meters (or 3,280 feet) high, spans across the South Anhui Province with a jumble of scenic highlights such as twisted pine trees clinging to the rocky ledges, the sea of clouds flooding and filling the valley, and crystalline natural spring fed streams.

Stone Monkey Gazing Over the Sea of Clouds
The Stone Monkey is Watching the Sea of Clouds on Mount Huangshan

We will guide you to visit Huangshan famous pines such as the Black Tiger Pine, the United Pine Trees and top sights such as Flower Scattering Valley, the Pen Nib Peak and etc. If weather permits, we will find a good place in the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion which commands wide views so that you can watch and take photos of the best sunset on Mount Huangshan.

Huangshan Xihai Hotel
the elegant five star Xihai Hotel is hidden among trees

Accommodation: Overnight stay in a superior room at the new South Wing (five star level) or the North Wing (four star level) of Xihai Hotel Huangshan at the top of Huangshan Mountain. Locating 500 meters from the northern entrance of West Sea Grand Canyon, Xihai Hotel Huangshan is a preferntial choice for both holidays and tours. Alternatives are the four star Huangshan Shilin Hotel or four star Huangshan Beihai Hotel on the mountaintop. Spending the night on the mountain will surely bring you with an incredible experience.

Day 3 Mt. Huangshan

Overnight on the Top of Huangshan Mountain

Mount Huangshan Tour Itineraries and Activities: Meet the guide in the early hours and walk to the Purple Cloud Peak to enjoy the breath-taking sunrise over Huangshan. With the altitude of 1,665 meters, the Purple Cloud Peak is one of the 36 highest peaks of the Huangshan Yellow Mountains making it one of the best place to see the sunrise. This can be an unforgettable experience and the activity is highly recommended to guests on any sunny morning around the whole year.
After breakfast, we will take the cable car to visit the West Sea Grand Canyon.

The West Sea Grand Canyon of the Yellow Mountain
Xihai West Sea Grand Canyon Huangshan

Opened in 2000, the West Sea Canyon or Xihai Grand Canyon is a relatively new tourist spot in Huangsan Scenic Area, but it has already gained great popularity among travelers and it has been widely dubbed as "Heaven on Earth" and the "Fantasy World" for the unique and beautiful scenery. Some even assume that the West Sea Grand Canyon has the best of Huangshan as it fully demonstrates the mysterious and intriguing aesthetic that has made Huangshan Yellow Mountain such a famous destination.

The West Sea Grand Canyon of the Yellow Mountain
Xihai West Sea Grand Canyon Huangshan

Everybody knows it's hard to find the true shape of Huangshan as it differs with tourist's perspectives. In the afternoon, we will take you to more interesting places and attractions such as the Turtle Peak, the Bright Summit Peak and etc. so that you can see more and even explore more of the mountains from even more different viewing angles. We will conclude the day by having a magnificent sunset experience on the famous Flying Over Rock platform and guests can then return to their hotel on the mountain to have another unforgettable night in the mountain.
Accommodation: Overnight luxury stay with comfortable superior room in some of the best hotel such as Xihai Hotel Huangshan, Huangshan Shilin Hotel and Huangshan Beihai Hotel near the summit.

Superior Queen Room in Huangshan Xihai Hotel
A superior queen room in Huangshan Xihai Hotel

Day 4 Mt. Huangshan → Yixian County

Overnight in Yixian County

Mount Huangshan and Yixian County Travel Itineraries and Activities: Meet with your guide in the early hours and walk to the Refreshing Terrace to greet the glorious sunrise over Mount Huangshan. We will then visit the Lion Peak, Stone Monkey Watching at the Sea of Clouds, Flying Dragon Pine, Dawn Pavilion, etc. After breakfast, we will continue to guide you to tour Beginning to Believe Peak, Crouching Dragon Pine, Sea of Clouds Exploring Pine, Lianli Pine, etc and then descend Mount Huangshan by Yungu Cable Car.
Private driver is waiting at Tangkou Transer Center to drive about 50 minutes to take us to Yixian County to visit Bishan Village, a famous Huizhou Ancient Village as well as Bishan Bookstore.
After having checked into the hotel, we can ride the bike or walk on foot to go to Bishan Bookstore, a very famous and beautiful bookstore built in a 200-year-old traditional ancestral temple in Bishan Village. Far from the noisy and crowded tourist spots, Bishan Bookstore provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere where you can find really inner peace by reading (there are a lot of English books on the second floor), listening music, sipping a cup of Huangshan Maofeng green tea and etc.
Coming out from Bishan Bookstore, we can continue to travel around Bishan Village, a traditional Chinese village with long history, rich and profound cultural background. Bishan Village got famous in Tang Dynasty when the rock star poet Li Bai was coming to visit it with admiration. Among 900 poems left by Li Bai, 3 were eulogizing the beautiful landscape and the relaxed lifestyle of Bishan Village. Bishan Village is the home of several celebrities from ancient times to the present. With more than 300 ancient residential houses, ancestral shrines from Ming and Qing Dynasties, one private garden from Song Dynasty, one ancient tower from Qing Dynasty, Bishan Village well preserves the historical features of ancient Huizhou Villages.

Bishan Bookstore in Bishan Village
Bishan Bookstore in Bishan Village

Accommodation: comfortable stay in the superior twin bed room in either Bishan Pig's Heaven Inn or Pig's Heaven Inn Bishan Oil Factory (choose it only if you want even amazing luxury experience), the rustic guesthouse with best tasting wine, the most picturesque countryside scenery and, the most comfortable bed ever.

Bishan Pig's Heaven Inn
the guest house in Bishan Pig's Heaven Inn

Day 5 Hongcun Village & Nanping Village

After breakfast, we will drive about 20 kilometers to visit Hongcun Village as well as Nanping Village. They are both traditional villages with Huizhou style architectures, and best known as the filming sites of the Oscar-winning film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. Hongcun has complicated water system while Nanping Village is well known for Hui-style buildings. We will not only show you around the villages but also take you to pay a visit to some local family so that you can have chances to interact with locals to have a better understanding of their daily life and traditional customs. After that, we will escort guest to either the train station or the airport so that you can leave Huangshan for the next trip.

Hongcun Ancient Village in Huangshan
Hongcun Village Huangshan


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