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Beijing West Railway Station

Beijing West Railway Station is situated at Lianhuachi East Road, near the West 3rd Ring Road of Beijing. There are two squares here: the South Square and the North Square. The former is close to Lianhuachi Park, while the latter has China Millennium Monument lying just in front of it.

The station covers an area of 510,000 square meters and construction area of 170, 000 square meters with a 90-meter-high station building as well as 10 platforms.

The following is a detailed map for Beijing West Station, please click on the image to read it in high resolution.

<i>Beijing West Station map</i>
Map of Beijing West Station

Beijing West Railway Station has trains to many cities in South China, the Southwest China and the Northwest China such as Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Chengdu, Changsha, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Guilin, Nanning, Hohhot, Xining, Jinan, Urumqi, Kunming and etc.

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Part One: Ticketing

There are altogether 4 ticket halls here—the Ticket Hall on the first floor of the North Square, the Transfer Ticket Hall on the Basement 2 of the North Square, the (Southwest) Xinan Ticket Hall on the west of the South Square, and the Dongnan (South East) Ticket Hall on the east of the South Square. In addition, there are 2 ticket windows for the intraday tickets and 1 ticket window for platform tickets beside the Entrance on the second floor of the North Square.

The Ticket Hall on the first floor of the North Square is the largest one of all with 38 windows in total. Among them, Window 1 and Window 2 handle the group tickets for Kowloon, HongKong; Windows 15 to 17 are used for changing tickets; Window 16 sells tickets bilingually--in both English and Chinese; Window 17 is the shift manager window; Window 37 and Window 38 are exclusively for platform tickets; furthermore, tickets to all parts of the country are for sale on the remaining windows. Ticket windows sell tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Part Two: Picking Up and Seeing Off

You may buy the platform ticket (both for picking up and seeing off) at either the Window 2 of the ticket hall on the west of the South Square or Windows 37 to 38 of the ticket hall on the North Square. The ticket sold at the Entrance on the second floor is exclusively for seeing off instead of picking up passengers.

Friendly reminder: you should buy the platform ticket (for seeing off) with the intraday ticket.

Window 4 in the Transfer Ticket Hall (on the west of North Exit One) sells tickets for picking up passengers; one should firstly buy it there and then enter the North Exit One to pick up passengers.

Part Three: Refunding and Changing Tickets

Passengers could have their tickets refunded at the Windows 11—12 of the Transfer Ticket Refunding Office (on the Basement 2) owing to change of travel plans. You may get to the underground by the entrance near the North Exit One or North Exit Two from the north square, and then follow the directional signs, finally arrive at the Ticket Refund Office soon.

Part Four: Enter & Exit

Although the Entrance and most Ticket Offices lie in the North Square, passengers may also enter the station building from the Entrance of the South Square.

The Entrance (on the first floor) of the North Station Building, situated in the middle of the North Square, is equipped with many ticket barriers. The aged the weak the sick the disabled and pregnant women have a good access to the Caring Passage. If the wheelchair is wanted, please turn to the staff there. The large electronic screen suspended above displays itraday train numbers and corresponding waiting rooms in order of departing time, so it is quite convenient for you to figure out which waiting room to go.

Whether you enter from the North Square or the South Square, after security check on the first floor, you will catch sight of a row of escalators; Service Desk is just located to the right of these escalators. Wheelchair-users, please get in touch with the staff of the Service Desk so that they will guide you into the elevator to the second floor—the Waiting Hall.

There are two Exits on Basement 2 of the North Square: No. 1 North Exit is in the east while the No. 2 North Exit is in the west.

Three exits of the south square were added —The South One, South Two and South Three Exit—at the end of the 2012 to act in coordination with the newly-opened high speed rail. With 28 Check-out Ticket Barriers, the three exits together with the North One and North Two Exit provide guarantee for the rapid check-out.

If you get off the train at Beijing West Railway Station, the nearest exit may be North One or North Two Exit (both are ok). If you have friends picking you up, be sure to tell him/her which exit to wait in advance.

Luggage Claim Office is on the west of the Western Wing of the North Square; and Luggage consignment Office is on the east of the Eastern Wing of the North Square. On both sides of the escalators near the Entrance there are Left-baggage Offices. If needed, you may go though the depositing baggage formalities there.

Part Five: Waiting for Trains

No.1 to No. 7 waiting rooms are set for passengers waiting for regular trains. And, No.8 to No.13 waiting rooms are designed especially for high-speed trains; besides, waiting rooms exclusive for soldiers and groups are in the east of the Entrance Hall on the second floor.

The No.036 Volunteer Waiting Room in the west of the Waiting Hall on the second floor of North Station Building (in the North Square) is dedicated to providing the aged the weak the sick the disabled and pregnant women with volunteer services. It is equipped with service facilities such as wheelchairs and stretchers which are offered to passengers in need for free. Passenger clerks in the waiting room are 24-hour available to provide considerate service for the passengers in desperate need of help. The staffs working in the No.036 Volunteer Waiting Room are easy to recognize for a smiley-face icon is on their uniforms.

Besides, Nursing Rooms are set up beside the ticket gate in it, so young mums may do work such as feedings and diaper changes. Kindly reminder: Female Only-- which means all gentlemen please step back.

The T27 Waiting Room is specific to passengers waiting for the T27 train – the train runs for Tibet region.

Between the No.6 Waiting Room and the No.7 Waiting Room there is a Considerate Medical Center where professional medical personnel and commonly used drugs are all accessible to the public. If you do not feel well while waiting, you may get them for medical care.

Each waiting room is equipped with hot water room and Washroom – usually lie in the left or right side of the entrance of the waiting room.

The “Red Hat” Baggage Service Center is at the entrance of each waiting room. If you are tired with your baggage, you may turn to the porters there. They charged strictly according to the rules and regulations—CNY 5 Yuan each piece.

In the Waiting Halls-- on the second floor of both the north and the south of the building --there is a “Shift Manager Reception Desk” which provides the services such as paging someone, Message Board, enquiry, and helping out.

Part Six: Checking & Boarding

Ticket gates are on the innermost side of waiting rooms. The electronic screen over each ticket gate usually displays the train number being dealing with. When it starts to check in, on one hand, the screen will display which platform to go, on the other hand, the conductors will also remind you that with loudspeaker. Please listen to it carefully and take good care of the old and children. For the sake of safety, 5 minutes before the train starts, conductors will stop checking tickets.

In case of not hearing clearly, you could make sure which platform to go from the electronic screens on the passages to the platform, since every screen details the information which train to stop by the platform.

Many passengers arriving at the platform have no idea whether their carriage is in front of them or not; the electronic screens (below the stairs) parallel to a train display the carriage order in detail; besides, you may also consult the staff working at the platform or the attendant standing at the train door.

Passengers taking No. T97 train to Kowloon (Hong Kong) should check in from the Entry and Exit Joint Inspection Hall. Conductors will stop checking tickets 20 minutes before the train to Kowloon starts. What’s more, the train departs every other day; once miss it, you will have to wait another two days. So you had better make a good arrangement for your travel. Besides, you should have your certificates (valid and complete in formalities) for Hong Kong prepared in advance, or you are not allowed to board.

Part Seven: Checking Luggage

If you need to have your luggage checked with your train, please walk to the east from the North Square, and go across the bus terminal—then you will see a sign “Luggage Checking Office”--after that pass through the doorway and turn north, finally you will find the luggage office. Make sure to bring your ticket with you, otherwise your order will not be accepted.

Part Eight: Guide for transfer

Bus: most buses go by the North Square of the station, whereas buses are relatively less on the South Square because the traffic is inconvenient. The buses on the North Square trend to leave for the east, west or north of Beijing. Bus terminals, set up at both the South Square and North Square, are easy to find by following the signs.

The North Square Bus Terminal, situated on the east of the North Square, is equipped with 5 inner platforms and 1 outer platform.

The platforms are distributed successively from north to south.

The outer platform (situated in the north of the terminal).Originating bus lines: No.65 (to the Zoo Bus Terminal), No.374 (to New Palace Gate of the Summer Palace), No.741 (to Zuoanmen Outer), and No.695 (to Shidaizhuangyuan North).

Platform 1: No.673 (to Shigezhuang) and No.21 (to Anhuaqiao North)

Platform 2: No.320 (to Xiyuan Bus Terminal) and No.S6(S is the abbreviation of Special) (to Hanjiachuan South)

Platform 3: No.373 (to Yamenkou on the Lugu Road) and No.319 (to Xiyuan Bus Terminal)

Platform 4: No.437 (to New Palace Gate of the Summer Palace) and No.52 (to Pingleyuan)

Platform 5: No.99 (to Zuoan Road), No.83 (to National Indoor Stadium Bus Stop), and No.387 (to Huizhong Road East Side)

The South Square Bus Terminal, situated on the east of the South Square, is equipped with 5 platforms.

Subway: you may take Beijing Metro Line 9 and get off at Beijing West Railway Station to get here.

Taxi: Two taxi services are available on the Basement 2 and Basement 1 on the east of the North Exit, and another one is on the ground level under the Eastern Spiral Traffic Circle of the North Square.

Passengers for the airport, after getting out from the South Square, may take about 5 minutes walk (400 meters) to the east before getting to the gate of China Railway Express—where you can find ticket office for Airport Shuttle Bus. Ticket fare is CNY 16 Yuan each. Opposite the ticket office is the bus pickup point. The service time of the buses is from 5:00 to 21:00, with 20 minutes intervals from 5:10 to 17:30, and with 30 minutes intervals from 17:30 to 21:00.

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