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Beijing Railway Station Guide

Here you can find useful information on Beijing Train travel, including Beijing Railway Stations Guide, Railway Station opening hours, ticket booking notes, train schedules for main itineraries, luggage rules on China train, requirements for child tickets and etc.

Beijing Railway Station
Beijing Railway Station

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I: Comparing 5 Different Railway Stations in Beijing

There are five passenger railway stations in the capital city of Beijing, naming Beijing (Central) Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station and Beijing East Railway Station respectively.

Beijing South Railway Station is the city's main station with the largest passenger traffic while Beijing (Central) Railway Station has the longest history. Beijing North Railway Station is also known as Beijing Xizhimen Station. Trains from Beijing North Railway Station are mainly for Inner Mongolia, Liaoning Province as well as for Badaling Great Wall in Yanqing county.

Beijing East Railway Station serves a few trains only. Passengers to take International trains to Pyongyang, Ulaanbaatar and Moscow should depart from Beijing (Central) Railway Station. Passengers to take bullet trains to Tianjin, Shanghai Hongqiao should depart from Beijing South Railway Station. Passenger taking trains for Hong Kong should depart from Beijing West Railway Station.

We suggest passengers double check the exact departure station on their ticket carefully before you leave for the railway station to catch the train.

II: Addresses

  • Beijing (Central) Railway Station: No. 13 A, Maojiawan Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100005, China.
    Chinese Name: 北京站,北京火车站
    Chinese Address: 北京市东城区毛家湾胡同甲13号

III: Beijing Railway Station Guide

Beijing Railway Station is an important rail transportation hub of Jingbao (Beijing-Baotou) Railway, Jingqin (Beijing-Qinhuangdao) Railway, Jingha(Beijing-Harbin) Railway, Jinghu(Beijing-Shanghai) Railway as well as Jingcheng (Beijing-Chengde) Railway.
Beijing Station covers an area of 250,000 square meters including building area of about 80,000 square meters. It has a tandem map layout which is listed in order as arrival and departure yard, handover yard as well as switchyard. The station building facing north has total construction area of 71,054 square meters with width of 124 meters east to west.The front square has an area of 40,000 square maters.
inside the station, it has VIP rooms, waiting room for soft sleeper ticket holders, standard waiting room, as well ticketing hall for both domestic trains and international trains.
Beijing Station now has 8 platforms and 16 tracks.
Passenger can get to Beijing Station by using Beijing Metro line 2 as well as the following buses including No. 9, No. 10, No. 20, No. 24, No. 25, No. 29, No.39, No. 59, No. 52, No. 403, No. 420, No. 434, No. 637, No. 638, No. 639, No. 640, No.668, No. 692, No. 673, No. 674, No. 729, No. 120, No. 122, No. 126, No. 204 No. 938, No. 957, No. 805, No. 103, No. 104 and etc.

IV: Transportation Guide

Beijing Airport to Beijing (Central) Railway Station

  • Option 1. by Airport Express

    Passengers can take airport shuttle line 3 to travel from Beijing International Airport to Beijing Railway Station directly. The bus operates from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm Monday to Sunday. Journey time is 60 minutes if the traffic is good and ticket fare is CNY 30 Yuan.

  • Option 2. by Subway

    Passengers can take the airport express train to travel to Dongzhimen station firstly and then change to Beijing subway loop line 2 to travel to Beijing Railway Station. Total journey time is about one hour and total ticket cost is CNY 28 Yuan. It's a fast and cost-saving way. Operation hours for airport express train are from 6: 20am to 11:00 pm and operation hours for subway line 2 are from 5:2 0am to 11:30 pm Monday to Sunday.
    Attention please: It's not a good idea to take Beijing subway during its busiest hours from 7 am to 9 am as well as from 5 pm to 7 pm , especially if you are traveling with luggage.

  • Option 3. by Taxi
  • Passenger can also choose to take taxi from Beijing airport to the Beijing Railway Station Station. Minimum riding distance between these two places is about 27 kilometers and taxi fare is about CNY 80 Yuan. Please note, taxi fare quoted here doesn't include highway and bridge tolls.

V: Beijing Train Ticket Booking Guide

Ticketing Hours:

Passengers can purchase ticket from the railway station at anytime. Some ticket windows open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Ticket Reservation Period

Advance ticket reservation period is 30 days maximum. Travelers can reserve tickets online through, or reserve tickets offline from ticket window of the railway station or from the ticket agency. No. 10 ticket window of Beijing Railway Station provides booking service for English speakers.

China has world's busiest railway network. If you buy the ticket on the date of journey, you may get disappointed as tickets might have been sold out already. We recommend you book your ticket in advance to make sure your journey will not be delayed.

Booking Ticket Online

The Chinese website provides online train ticket booking services mainly for local people as it doesn't accept payment by overseas credit card or bank account from overseas banks. To book ticket through this website, overseas clients are required to submit their passport information. The website accepts daily online booking request from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm in China time every day.

VI: Railway Rules and Regulations You Should Know

China railway rules and regulations are different with any other country in the world. Getting familiar with these rules will make your rail travel in China more easily and successfully.

Carry-on Luggage Rules:
  • Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, animal and pet are not allowed to take on board of the train.
  • Weight requirment for carry-on luggage: maximum weight of carry-on luggage is 10kg for child passenger, maximum weight for carry-on luggage is 20kg for adult passenger.
  • Size requirment for carry-on luggage: total length of your carry-on luggage ( length+width+height) should be under 200cm.
Requirements for Child Tickets

Instead of age, China railway has special requirments on height to buy child ticket. Requirments on child ticket can be summarized as the follows:

  • Children with the height under 120cm can enjoy free rail travel and don't need to pay to travel by the train.
  • Children with the height between 120cm and 150cm have rights to buy discounted train tickets. Price for a sleeper ticket for a child is about 70% of that of adult ticket.
  • Children with the height above 150cm should buy fully-priced train tickets no matter how old they are.

VII: Special Tips and Notices for Foreign Travelers

  • Passengers can book tickets through the train ticket window of Beijing Capital International Airport located at Terminal 2.
  • Passengers can also purchase train ticket at the arrival hall of Tianjin Binhai International Airport.

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