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Wuyuan to Changsha Train Timetable & Ticketing

1 trains are available from Wuyuan to Changsha on the date specified.

Trains with black icons are regular-speed trains and trains with red icons are high speed bullet trains. In the TICKETS AVAILABLE column, the number 21 is used to indicate that the train has plenty tickets to sell and the actually remaining number of tickets can be equal to or greater than 21.

Train tickets in China are usually sold maximum 30 days in advance and you can contact us to book tickets.

Train No. Departs Arrives Duration Ticket Category Prices Tickets Available
G1397 Wuyuan
Changsha South
03h 38min 2nd Class Seat »
1st Class Seat»
Premium Class Seat
CN¥ 299.5
CN¥ 504.5
CN¥ 570