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Zhengzhou Train Station
Photo 1: The Two Station Buildings of Zhengzhou Railway Station

Zhengzhou Train Travel Guide

 Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, is situated in the north-central Henan. It includes 6 municipal districts (Zhongyuan District, Erqi District, Jinshui District, Huiji District, Shangjie District and Guancheng Hui District), 5 county-level cities (Gongyi City, XinZheng City, Dengfeng City, Xinmi City and Xingyang City) and 1 county (Zhongmou County).
 Zhengzhou has long been known as "the heart of Chinese railways" and "the traffic crossroads of China". The two major railway lines of Jingguan Railway (Beijing-Guangzhou) and Longhai Railway (Lianyuangang-Lanzhou) meet here, and Jinggang High-speed Rail (Beijing- Hong Kong), Xulan High-speed Rail (Xuzhou- Lanzhou) and Zhengyu High-speed Rail (Zhengzhou-Chongqing) connect with each other here extending to all directions.

Part I: Zhengzhou Railway Station

  Zhengzhou Railway Station, built in 1904, is located at Erma Road in the centre of the city, connecting the two major railway lines of Jingguan Railway and Longhai Railway. With 11 arrival-departure tracks, Zhengzhou Railway Station picks up 229 passenger trains and sends over 40 thousand passengers on average each day.

Map Layout of Zhengzhou Railway Station

Zhengzhou Train Station map

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Part II: Zhengzhou East Railway Station

   Zhengzhou East Railway Station (i.e. The New Zhengzhou Railway Station) ranks among High speed rail stations.
 It is located between Jinshui Road and Shangdu Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City, on both sides of new National Highway 107. Zhengzhou International Expo Center is about 3 kilometers away from it to the northwest.
 The station is at the crossing of Jingguang Line and Xulan Line.
 Construction on Zhengzhou East Railway Station began on June 30th, 2009 and finished in 2012. Zhengzhou East Railway Station is one of the super railway hubs in mainland China.

Map Layout of Zhengzhou East Railway Station

 Zhengzhou East Railway Station has 16 platforms and 32 tracks along them.
 Among the tracks there are 2 main lines and 30 arrival-departure lines.
 The platforms are classified into two categories: one for Xulan (Xuzhou-Lanzhou) Railway, the other for Jingguang (Beijing-Guangzhou) Railway. To be exact, No.1 to No.8 platforms are for the Jingguang Passenger Line's exclusive use, No.10 to No.16 platforms are for the Xulan Passenger Line’s exclusive use and N0.9 platform is a common platform for both Lines.
 VIP waiting rooms are on the east side of platforms, while station offices and equipments rooms are on the west side of platforms.
 The station building of Zhengzhou East Railway Station has 5 floors, including the ground floor, elevated floor one, elevated floor two,basement one and basement two.
 The function of each floor is that: basement two is for metro tracks, basement one is waiting hall for metro passengers. The ground floor is railway exit hall, exit passage and the main train ticketing hall; the 2nd floor is for railway platform; the 3rd is elevated waiting hall for rail passengers. Basement one is taken as transfer hall as well as a walkway linking both the east and the west squares.
 There are exit corridors and parking lots on both the north and south sides, waiting hall for transfer passengers in the middle.
 There are 6 entrances (exits) for the metro rail transit in the station. Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 and Line 5 are available for transferring.

Photo of Zhengzhou East Train Station
Photo 3:inside Photo of Zhengzhou East Station.

Part III: Transportation Guide for Travel Among Train Station, Airport and Main Tourist Attractions

    Zhengzhou Railway Station to Zhengzhou East Railway Station
  • Bus
  • No.87 and No.Y805 buses are available between these two stations. It takes about an hour and ticket fare is CNY 1 yuan.
  • Taxi
  • The shortest distance between these two staions is about 16 kilometers. It takes about 25 minutes by taxi with a fare of CNY 35 yuan or
Zhengzhou Railway Station to Zhengzhou Airport
  • Airport bus Line 2
  • Facing the north exit of Zhengzhou Railway Station, there is an east-west road. Along the road for about 100 meters to the east, there is a zhengzhou hotel on the north side. Stop of Airport bus Line 2 is next to the front door of the hotel. Airport bus departs from the stop on the hour, taking 45 minutes to the airport with a fare of CNY15 yuan.
  • Taking a Taxi
  • It is about 42 kilometers between these two places and riding time by taxi is about 1 hour with taxi fare of about CNY 100 yuan or so (exclusive of the highway toll).
Zhengzhou Railway Station to Shaolin Temple
There are tourist buses to Shaolin Temple in the Coach Station opposite to Zhengzhou Railway Station, running at intervals of 25 minutes on average directly to Shaolin Temple. It takes about 90 minutes with ticket fare of CNY 26 yuan.
Zhengzhou East Railway Station to Zhengzhou Airport
There is no direct bus between Zhengzhou East Railway Station and Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. Distance is about 30 kilometers, which is shorter than that of Zhengzhou Railway Station to Zhengzhou Airport. It takes about 40 minutes by taxi with a fare of CNY 70 yuan or so.

Part VI: Taxi Fares in Zhengzhou

 The flag-down fare is 8 yuan for 2 kilometers, 1.5 yuan per more kilometers afterwards. After running 10 KM, additional 2.25 yuan per more kilometers will be charged.

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