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Yiwu Train Station
Photo 1: A Front View of Yiwu Railway Station

Yiwu Train Travel Guide

 Yiwu, a city named after a bird, is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province, 108km from Hangzhou to the north.
With the per capita income and popularity of luxury cars topping the list, it is one of the wealthiest regions in China.
 Yiwu is the world's largest commodity distribution center, being awarded as the world's No. 1 market by the world's leading authorities such as the United Nations and the World Bank. Yiwu International Trade City is China's first AAAA-level shopping tourist area authorized by China National Tourism Administration.
 Yiwu is a transportation hub in central Zhejiang. Zhegan(Zhejiang-Jiangxi) Double Tracking Railway running through the entire region of Yiwu has entered the stage of overall electrification. Trains will travel at maximum speed of up to 200 kilometers an hour by the time of the entire new lines in Yiwu being open to traffic. It will also reduce direct rail travel time between Yiwu and Hangzhou to no more than one hour.
 Yiwu Railway Station has been upgraded to grade A station.

Part One: Map Layout of Yiwu Railway Stations

Photo of Yiwu Train Station
Photo 2: A Sideview of Yiwu Railway Station.

  Yiwu Railway Station is located at Houzhai Street, Yiwu City; zip code: 322000.
 The station hall consists of the ticket hall, the waiting hall, the baggage room and etc. There are 5 platforms and 6 passenger rail lines in Yiwu Railway Station. The waiting hall is connected with platforms by an enclosed overbridge.
 Arriving passengers can walk through underpass to the Exit, which is located in the west side of the basement.
The ticket hall, equipped with central air conditioning, is located in the east side of station building taking an area of 1135.1 square meters, in which there are 24 ticket windows providing the services of information consulting, ticket booking, cancellation, changing, refunding and etc.
 The Leisure Hall is located on the west side of station building, providing passengers with services of catering, snacks, books and newspapers, etc.
 The Waiting Hall, equipped with central air conditioning, is located in the middle of station building with an area of 5893.1 square meters. There are two floors with escalators conveying passengers up and15:49 2013/10/10 down.
 No.1 and No.4 Waiting Rooms are on the first floor, No.2 and No.3 Waiting Rooms as well as waiting area for the high speed bullet trains are on the second floor.
 No.1 Waiting Room is for passengers going to the south with 8 waiting channels. Passengers could get on board the train from No.1 platform after having their tickets checked.
 There are, in order, waiting area for soldiers, waiting area for mother and infant, waiting area for soft sleeper ticket holders and VIP waiting area in the No.4 Waiting Room. Waiting area for soldiers and for mother and infant are equipped with nursing rooms. There are altogether 8 waiting channels in No.2 and No.3 Waiting Rooms.
 No.2 Waiting Room is for the passengers going to the north. No.3 Waiting Room is especially for the originating trains.
Once passengers waiting on the second floor have their tickets checked they can then go across the overbridge to No. 2, No.3, No.4, or No.5 platforms to board the train.

Ticket Hall of Yiwu Railway Station
Photo 3: The Ticketing Hall of Yiwu Railway Station.

 The Baggage Room is located on the basement one with an area of 1324.7 square meters. With a special transport corridor for luggage, it provides China railway Express services including luggage consignment, delivery and etc.
 In front of the Waiting Room, there is an arc-shaped road for taxies and Pedestrians. There is a special passageway near the Exit where passengers can take taxi at their convenience.

Part Two: Buses to and from Yiwu Railway Station

No. 801 bus runs to-and-fro between the 2nd stage parking lot north of the International Trade City and Yiwu Railway station , ticket fare is CNY1.5 yuan for one way trip.
 No. 802 bus runs to-and-fro between the Dongzhou Garden and Yiwu Railway station , ticket fare is CNY1.5 yuan for one way trip.
 No. 803 bus runs to-and-fro between the Nanfanglian Bus Terminal and Yiwu Railway station , ticket fare is CNY1.5 yuan for one way trip.
 No. 804 bus runs to-and-fro between the Shankou and Yiwu Railway station , ticket fare is CNY1.5 yuan for one way trip.
 No. 805 bus runs to-and-fro between the Jiangdong Bus Terminal and Yiwu Railway station , ticket fare is CNY 1.5 yuan.
 No. 818 bus runs to-and-fro between the Nanfanglian Bus Terminal and Yiwu Railway station , ticket fare is CNY 2.5 yuan for one way trip.

Part Three: Traveling to and fro Yiwu Railway Station

  1. Yiwu Railway Station to Yiwu International Airport:
    Taxies are available to-and-fro between these two places. It takes about 15 minutes and costs CNY 30 to 40 yuan.
  2. Yiwu Railway Station to the International Trade City
    About 50 meters away from the Exit of Yiwu Railway Station to the right, there is a bus stop. You can take No. 801 or No. 802 bus there to get to Yiwu International Trade City or so-called Yiwu Small Commodities Wholesale Market with bus fare of CNY 2 yuan.
    Friendly reminder: There are many taxies at the Exit, just ignore them. Because the bus is cheaper and safer than taxi.
  3. Buses from Yiwu Railway Station
    Photo 4: No. 801 Bus running between Yiwu Market and Yiwu Railway Station.
  4. Yiwu Railway Station to Hengdian World Studios
    Taking No. 805 bus from Yiwu Railway Station to Jiangdong Bus Station, then you can take direct bus there to Hengdian World Studios. It takes about eighty minutes with one-way fare of CNY 10 yuan to get to Hengdian from Jiangdong Bus Station.
  5. Taking a taxi from Yiwu Railway Station to Jiangdong Bus Staion
    Distance between the two places is 4km. It takes about 10 minutes by taxi with the fare of CNY 12 yuan.
  6. Yiwu Railway Station to Dongyang City
    There are direct buses to Dongyang City at the Zhanqian Bus Station across the road, opposite Yiwu Railway Station. The opening time of bus service is at 6 AM and the closing time is 17:40 with average 20 minutes' interval. The terminal is Dongyang East Station.
  7. Yiwu Railway Station to Pujiang
    There are buses to Pujiang at the bus station next to Yiwu Railway Station. Buses are available in every 15 minutes daytime and bus fare is CNY 10 yuan.

Part Four: Taxi Fares in Yiwu

Flag-down fare is CNY 8 yuan for 2.5 kilometers, CNY 2.5 yuan per more kilometers afterwards. Additional 50% fare for the portion of exceeding 6 kilometers will be charged for returning empty. Fee for waiting is charged by CNY 2.5 yuan every four minutes, that is, fee for waiting of four minutes is equivalent to that of riding one kilometer. Service fare from 23 PM to 6 AM is 20% higher.

Part Five: List of Ticket Agencies in Yiwu

  1. Jiangdong railway ticket agency: No.87, Central Jiangdong Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province.
  2. Chezhan Road railway ticket agency: No.134, Chezhan Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province.
  3. Xiaobaihuo railway ticket agency: No.29-1, Huangyuan Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province.
  4. Binwang railway ticket agency: No.19, Area E of Binwang Market, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province.
  5. Nanfanglian railway ticket agency: No.212, Chouzhou West Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province.
  6. Fotang railway ticket agency: No.151, Dacheng Road, Fotang town, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province.
  7. Yiwu Agricultural Products Trade Market railway ticket agency: No.151, Xiuhu West Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province.
  8. Yiwu Chengzhong railway ticket agency: No.269, 6th Street, Changchun 2nd District,Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province.
  9. Futian railway ticket agency: West gate of No.3, H District of the 2nd stage of the International Trade City, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province.

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