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Xiamen Train Travel Guide

Xiamen City is located in the southeast coast of China and the estuary of Jiulong River, back onto Zhangzhou and Quanzhou plains, near the Taiwan Strait, in front of Kinmen islands and across the sea with Taiwan Island and Penghu Islands.

Xiamen comprises Xiamen Peninsula, Gulangyu Island, part of coastal region of the north shore of inland Jiulong River , Tong'an and other areas. Its land area is 1,699.39 square kilometers and sea area is over 300 square kilometers.

Xiamen is among top ten tourist cities in China and one of the largest international cruise port receptions.

There are three train terminals in Xiamen now: Xiamen Station, Xiamen North Station and Xiamen Gaoqi Station.

Xiamen Railway Stations Guide

Xiamen Railway Station, a big station in eastern China, is situated in Wu village, Siming District, Xiamen and it opened in 1957. The station nowadays has 5 tracks, 3 platforms and more than 80 originating trains.

Xiamen station is one of the key stops on the national "four-vertical and four-horizontal" bullet train networks. Fuzhou-Xiamen Railway,Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway,Longyan-Xiamen Railway and Yingtan-Xiamen Railway all originate here.

Xiamen Railway Stations Map

Xiamen Train Station map

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Xiamen North Railway Stations Guide

Xiamen North Station, also known as Xiamen New Station, is located in Houxi town, Jimei District, Xiamen City. Its northwest is Houxi living area and the University Park is to the south. The external traffic is convenient as it is about 10 kilometers away from Gaoqi International Airport and about 20 kilometers away from Xiamen Island, Haicang, Tong'an and the central areas of Xiang'an.

There are 6 tracks and 12 platforms in Xiamen North Station which is an important station of Fuzhou - Xiamen high-speed rail, Xiamen - Shenzhen high-speed rail and Longyan - Xiamen high-speed rail.

It includes three layers which are the outbound layer, platform layer and elevated waiting layer. This is similar to the pattern of Entrance upstairs and Exit downstairs in airport.

In the station building of Xiamen North Station, there is a main waiting room about 10,000 square meters, a waiting room for groups about 1,500 square meters and a barrier-free and a nursing waiting room about 1,500 square meters.

Xiamen Gaoqi Railway Stations Guide

Xiamen Gaoqi station, located in Huli District, Xiamen, was built in 1956.It is 685 kilometers away from Yingtan station and 9 Kilometers away from Xiamen station. It is a second-class station now.

Gaoqi Station is a single-layer station with a total construction area of 1300 square meters. It is equipped with 3 platforms and 6 arrival-departure tracks and the maximum assembling of passengers per hour is 200 in this station.

Transfer Guide

Xiamen Railway Station to Xiamen Gaoqi Airport
  • by Bus

  • Bus No.37 is to and from between the two places. Time of the whole journey is about 70 minutes and fare is CNY 1 Yuan per person.
  • by Taxi

  • The Railway Station is about 10 Kilometers away from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. It takes about 20 minutes by taxi and the fare is about CNY 30 Yuan.
Xiamen Railway Station to Xiamen North Station
  • By Bus

  • Xiamen Bus BRT 1B is running to and from between the two places. It takes at least 40 minutes and the fare is CNY 4 Yuan.
  • by Taxi

  • The distance between the two places is about 23 kilometers. It takes 30 minutes by taxi and the fare is about CNY 60 Yuan.
Xiamen Railway Station to Gulangyu Island

There is no bus direct to the Ferry Terminal leading to Gulangyu Island, but there are two ways to reach it.

Bus: Travelers can go across the railway square, next, go through the left overpass, then, walk on for about tens of meters and take a bus at the bus stop. There are many buses to the Ferry Terminal, such as No.950, BRT2B and it takes about half an hour.

Taxi: It takes about CNY 17 Yuan from Xiamen Railway Station to the Ferry Terminal by taxi, and then travelers can enter from the leftmost side of the Terminal Hall without going through ticket check. It takes about 6 minutes to get to Gulangyu Island.

    Xiamen North Station to Xiamen Airport

    As soon as travelers get off at Xiamen North Station, they can catch the airport shuttle bus at the station. Time of the whole journey is about 20 minutes and the fare is CNY 10 Yuan.

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