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Wuhan-Jiujiang Passenger Railway Hubei Section Opens

Wuhan Railway Bureau announces that Wuhan – Jiujiang Passenger Railway (abbreviation as Wu-jiu Passenger Railway hereafter) Hubei Province section formally starts business operation today on June 12, 2017.Train numbers, schedule and ticket prices are released simultaneously.

Whuan - Jiujiang Railway Map

☝ Route Map of Wuhan -Jiujiang Passenger Railway

The length of Wuhan-Jiujiang Passenger Railway Hubei Section, which is also known as Wuhan to Yangxin section is about 127 km. According to the press release, in the initial period, 8 pairs of trains are arranged on the railway line.

From What China Train Guide.Com learned, the Wu-Jiu Passenger Railway Line adopts CRH2 trains with maximum speed of 250 km per hour. All these train names are initialized with letter C to indicate that they are intercity trains comparing to other kinds of high speed trains. In the initial stage, trains running between Wuhan Railway Station and Yangxin Railway Station are C5501/2, C5507/8, C5509/10, C5511/12 (temporary trains serve holiday and peak transportation period), C5513/14, C5515/16, C5517/18 and C5519/20 (temporary trains serve holiday and peak transportation period). Among them, C5519 is the quickest which can ride over the whole line in 68 minutes. While C5507, which has another 11 stops after Wuhan, takes 100 minutes to complete the trip.

Stations along the route are Wuhan, Huashan South, Zuoling, Gedian South, Huarong South, Ezhou, Ezhou East, Huahu, Huangshi North, Daye North, Baishapu and Yangxin.

Facilitated with 610 seats each, Intercity trains running between Wuhan and Yangxin offers 2nd class seat at 45 Yuan and 1st class seat at 58 Yuan.

Wu-Jiu Passenger Railway is a high speed railway line connecting East China’s Hubei Province and Jiangxi Province. Even though the Hubei Section has put into service, the line in Jiangxi Province is still unready. The whole line is expected to open in September this year. By way of Wu-Jiu Passenger Railway ,Nanchang-Jiujing Intercity Railway and Xiang-Pu Railway, train riding time between Wuhan and Nanchang , Wuhan and Fuzhou will be reduced to 2 hours and 5 hours respectively by then.

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