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No. G6493 Train Route Check

7 stops for No.“G6493” Train. To find ticket price, please input your departure and arrival stations and search it by ROUTE. With contradiction, schedule on route search has top priority comparing to the one list here.

Train No. Station No. Station Name Arrives Departs Duration
G6493 1 Huaihua South -- 15:20 0min
G6493 2 Anjiang East 15:34 15:36 14min
G6493 3 Dongkou 15:57 15:59 37min
G6493 4 Longhui 16:17 16:19 57min
G6493 5 Shaoyang 16:39 16:42 01h 19min
G6493 6 Loudi South 17:22 17:25 02h 02min
G6493 7 Changsha South 17:59 -- 02h 39min