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Zhuhai Railway Station

The city Zhuhai has three high speed railway stations, naming Zhuhai North Railway Station, Tangjiawan Railway Station and Zhuhai Railway Station.
Zhuhai North Railway Station is the first station in Zhuhai that the southbound trains running on Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway enter. It locates on the innovation coast of Tangjiawan High Tech Zone. People who want to go to Qianshan, Jinding Town are advised to drop off here.
Tangjiawan Railway Station is the second station in Zhuhai that the trains from Guangzhou enter. It is 300 meters away from Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Campus with Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus and Zhuhai Lakewood Golf Course in its neighborhood.
Zhuhai Railway Station is the southern terminus on Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway. Since it is very very close to Zhuhai Gongbei Port, Zhuhai Railway Station is also called as Zhuhai Gongbei Railway Station. People who want to visit Jida, Xiangzhou and Macau should alight here.
In this article, we feature on Zhuhai Railway Station.

Zhuhai Railway Station
Zhuhai Railway Station has beautiful scenery with innumerous coconut palm trees dotting the front station square.

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  1. Zhuhai Railway Station Introduction
  2. Services & Amenities at Zhuhai Railway Station
  3. Travel Advice to Zhuhai Railway Station
  4. Zhuhai Railway Station Service Review


Name: Zhuhai Railway Station.
Address: No. 72, Changsheng Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai.
Opening Hours: 06:00 to 00:15, Monday to Sunday.
Zhuhai Railway Station is the second largest railway station after Guangzhou South Railway Station on Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway. It locates to the southeast of intersection between Changsheng Road and Guihua South Road in Gongbei, Xiangzhou District with Zhuhai Gongbei Port to its east side.
Zhuhai Railway Station has four floors. The first underground floor and the second underground floor are used for taxi station and parking space. The ground floor are used for the ticket hall and the waiting room while the second floor is used as the platform floor where passengers get on/off the train.
Zhuhai Railway Station has 6 platforms and 4 tracks with capacity to stop both short distance intercity trains and long grouping trains for long distance travel.

Zhuhai Railway Station
As you can see from this picture, the red roof buildings are Zhuhai Gongbei Port, which is locates just to the east side of Zhuhai Railway Station. Passengers alighting at Zhuhai Railway Station can travel through the long escalator to the front station square and then walk several minutes to Gongbei Port. Exit A is reported to have the shortest distance to Gongbei Port.

Service Amenities

Zhuhai Railway Station has state of the art amenities which include automatic ticket vending machines, automatic railway ticket gates, facial recognition system and etc to help passengers to enter or leave the station quickly.
Besides these aspects,Zhuhai Railway Station also has several service highlights:

  1. English Service Ticket Window:
  2. The ATV machine can't read passports and all foreign travelers will have to purchase tickets directly from the ticket counters. The English service ticket window at Zhuhai Railway Station helps a lot for those travelers who can't speak Chinese to successfully purchase train tickets.
  3. Chunhui Service Area:
  4. The station has dedicated team providing exclusive service to the old, the weak, the sick, the crippled and the pregnant to help them wait and board the train smoothly.
  5. Free Phone Call Service:
  6. Zhuhai Railway Station offer free family phone call service to let passengers report their journey updates to relatives to keep in touch.
  7. Indoor Children Amusement Park.
  8. Left Luggage and Courier Service.
  9. Free Cell Phone Charging Station.
  10. China Railway Locomotives Showcase.

Zhuhai Railway Station
In the waiting hall of Zhuhai Railway Station, there is a window showcasing all kinds of China train locomotive models including diesel locomotives, steam locomotive and mordern electric locomotives so that travelers can learn progress the country made in railway industry over the past few decades.

Travel Advice

Zhuhai Railway Station has big traffic flow all over the year. So if you are leaving Zhuhai by the train, please take time to check travel advices below:

  • If you have tight schedule, please try your best to reserve train ticket in advance. To purchase ticket on the spot, what you can get would most likely be a ticket on the train that leaves at least one hour later.
  • Passengers with paper tickets in hands are advised to enter the train station at least 20 minutes. The train would start to pick up passengers 12 minutes before departure and the check-in gate would be closed 3 minutes in advance for safe boarding.
  • Travelers can walk to the Port Plaza which is located underground the front square to exchange currency in a legal way. Port Plaza is also the best place for you to do shoppings or have dinner as speciality and food sold by shoppers inside the train station are quite expensive.
  • Zhuhai Railway Station offers free parking for the first 15 minutes. Parking rate is CNY 4 Yuan in first 30 minutes or 10 Yuan in 1 hour. It also has monthly parking card to issue.
  • Airport buses are available between Zhuhai Railway Station and Zhuhai Airport. Riding time is 70 minutes and ticket fare is 25 Yuan.
  • Transit Buses are available on the front station square taking you to different places of Zhuhai such as Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, the Lover's Road, Hengqin Island, Jiuzhou Port and etc.
  • Zhuhai Railway Station is close to Zhuhai General Bus Station where passengers can make long or short distance journeys by buses.

Service Review

Zhuhai Railway Station
The waiting room of Zhuhai Railway Station has four areas including Area A, Area B, Area C and Area D. Passengers can check with their tickets and go to corresponding area to wait the train so that they can save walking time along the platform to search their coaches.

Even though Zhuhai Railway Station is highly commented among passengers, it still has shortcomings:

  • Except for quite a number of ticket vending machines, Zhuhai Railway Station has too few ticket counters.
  • Number of seats inside the waiting room is not enough, especially in the travel peak period.
  • Women travelers report that they have to wait more than 10 minutes to queue for public toilets in the worst occasion.
  • It's a bit difficult to find a taxi at Zhuhai Railway Station.
  • It has weak cell phone signal at Zhuhai Railway Station, so does Internet Wifi.
  • Shops inside the railway station are reported to sell fake snack food.
  • It has no corridors on ways from Zhuhai Railway Station to Gongbei Port, to transit bus stop, to taxi stands and etc. In raining days, travelers would have to be exposed to the rain.

  • Have you ever traveled to Zhuhai Railway Station? Would you like to rate it and share your travel experience with other travelers? Please leave your comment here to help others make smart rail journey!

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