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Shenzhen East Railway Station

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Shenzhen East Railway Station Photo
Shenzhen East Railway Station. Shenzhen East Railway Station was initially built in the third year of Xuantong Emperor of Qing Dynasty in 1911 with the former name of Buji Station. The re-constructed station was reopened on December 21, 2012 under the new name Shenzhen East Railway Station. As a third class station on railways of Guangzhou - Kowloon, Guangzhou - Shenzhen and Beijing Kowloon, Shenzhen East Railway Station now has about 120 arrivals and departures per day. It is an important transportion hub in Shenzhen East Area.
Luohu Station is too busy and crowded while Shenzhen North Station is too outlying, Shenzhen East Station has no such disadvatages and it can be a good option to go here to catch the train.

Address & Contact Details

☞ Name: Shenzhen East Railway Station、Shenzhendong Railway Station
☛ Chinese Name: 深圳东站、深圳火车东站
☑ Address: No.94, Jihua Road, Buji Sub-district, Longgang District, Shenzhen
☒ Chinese Address: 深圳市龙岗区布吉街道吉华路94号
🚄 Numbers of Platforms: 4 platforms
🚄 Numbers of Tracks: 11 tracks
➂ classfication: third class station
🚉 TMIS Code: 23795
☎ Telephone: 0086-20-12306. Please note, the operator speaks Chinese only.
🕐 Opening Hours: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Public Transportations to Shenzhen East Station

🚌 Getting here by Bus: Shenzhen city bus routes 85, 980 and m273 stop at the West Square of Shenzhen East Station (深圳东站西广场); city bus routes e24, m139, m295, m310, m311 and m415 stop at the East Square of Shenzhen East Station (深圳东站东广场); city bus route 8, 321, 322, 323, 357, 366, 371, 376, 398, 977, m172, m183, m192, m203, m224, m233, m239, m268 and m273 stop at Shenzhen East Station (深圳东站); city bus routes m268, m271, m273, m311, m379 and m415 stop at Buji Street (布吉街).

🚇 Getting here by Metro: Shenzhen Metro Line 3 and Line 5 stop at Buji Station (布吉站). Passengers are advised to leave from exit B of the metro station to walk directly to Shenzhen East Railway Station without making any detour.

Shenzhen East Railway Station Waiting Room
Guide signs in Shenzhen Buji Metro Station. Shenzhen East Railway Station has three floors, the arrival hall is on the underground floor, the platform floor is on the ground floor with ticket office locating at the east side and the waiting rooms are mainly located on the second floor. Passengers to take taxi please follow the guide signs to find the taxi waiting place on the underground floor of the east square. Shenzhen East Station has very few shops and resaurants inside, travelers please have necessities such as food, drinks, toilet paper ready before you go here to take the train.

Bao'an Airport to Shenzhen East Railway Station

There are quite several methods to travel from Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport to Shenzhen East Railway Station. Passengers can choose an ideal one from the followings.

  1. Metro
  2. From Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, passenger can take Shenzhen Metro Line 11 and alight at Futian Station and change to metro line 3 to go to Buji Station. Travel time is about 70 minutes and price for regular ticket is CNY 9 Yuan and price for business class ticket is CNY 23 Yuan.
  3. Taxi
  4. Driving distance from Shenzhen Bao'an Airport to Shenzhen East Railway station is about 42 km and driving time is about 1 hour. To take a taxi, it costs about CNY 150 Yuan.

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