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Guide of West Kowloon Railway Station

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  1. Address and How to Get There
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  4. Shopping, Eating & Other Serivces at West Kowloon Station

Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station is adjacent to West Kowloon Cultural District. The unique station building brightens up the picturesque neighbourhood and it is doomed to be a great destination to travel photographers.

China Train Business Class Seat
Served with gross floor area ("GFA") of 380,000 square meters, West Kowloon Railway Station is known as world's largest underground high speed train staion.

Travel to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station

West Kowloon Railway Station locates in the downtown. Travelers can get there using MTR, airport express shuttle bus, franchised bus, green minibus, non-franchised bus, private car or even taxi.

  1. 🚇 MTR
    West Kowloon Railway Station locates between Austin Station (柯士甸) on MTR West Rail Line and Kowloon Station (九龙站) on Tung Chung Line / Airport Express Line. From Austin Station, travelers can walk through the overhead bridge or pedestrian tunnel to West Kowloon Station in 2-3 minutes. It takes 8-10 miutes to walk from Kowloon Station to West Kowloon Station using same method.
  2. 🚍 Airport Express
    Travelers coming from Hong Kong International Airport can take Airport Express Shuttle Bus which operates from 06:15 to 23:00 to get to Kowloon West Railway Station.
  3. 🚌 Franchised Bus, Green Mini-bus and Non-franchised Bus
    West Kowloon Railway Station has bus terminus of its own with over 40 franchised bus routes running from/to many places of Hong Kong.
  4. Taxi
    Passengers can also get to West Kowloon Station by taxi and get off at the underground B1 level where ticketing and departure concourses are located on.

Layout of Hong Kong West Kowloon Station

Hong Kong West Kowloon Station has two floors including L2 level, L1 level above ground, G level ground floor, four underground floors including B1 level, B2 level, B3 level and B4 level which can be demonstrated through the following image.

West Kowloon Station Building Layout
West Kowloon Station Layout Map.

L2 level, or the station roof are sky corridors with sightseeing decks.

L1 level has overhead bridges through which passengers can walk between Kowloon West Railway Station and Austin Station, Kowloon Station as well as West Kowloon Station Bus Terminus. Of the 11 exits of the Kowloon West Railway Station, it has exits K, M and N.

On the G level, or the ground floor, it has shops, bus or mini bus stop, airport express shuttle bus stop, taxi drop off or pick up area, toilets, lifts that go to L2, L1, B1, B2 and B3 levels. The ground floor has exits B, C, D, F, H and J. Exit B corresponds to taxi drop off and pickup area and exit J corresponds to stops of bus, minibus, coach and airport express shuttle bus.

B1 level has ticketing and departure concourses with automatic ticket collection machines, ticket counters, information desk. Auxiliary facilities include police post, babycare room, toliets, first aid, passenger including wheelchair passenger drop off areas, shops, lifts and etc.

West Kowloon Station
39 ticket vending machines are deployed in the ticketing concourse on B1 level. International travelers please don't go here to purchase your tickets as these machinese can't read your passports to issue tickets to you.

B2 level has the arrival concourse. It has the Mainland China Port Area and Hong Kong Port Area to facilitate inbound passengers to go through exit and entry clearances. Auxiliary service facilities are ticket counters, tourist service center, toilets, babycare rooms, taxi stand, passenger pick up and drop off areas, car park, lifts, shops and etc. B2 level has exits A and G. Inbound or southbound passengers can leave the railway station from exit A to walk to Austin Station in 3 to 5 minutes to travel to Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong downtown, Kwun Tong, Wan Chai, Yuen Long, Shatin, Tung Chung, Tai Koo and various places in Hong Kong.

B3 level has departure concourse. Both Hong Kong port and Mainland China port are stationed here to speed up border crossing procedures to outbound travelers. It has 4-9, 11, 14, 15 and 18 ticket gates. Ticket counter, business lounge, toilets, drinking water, lifts, smoking room, babycare room are also available here.

B4 level is for platforms.

Service Facilities at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station

Ticket Counter at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station
Ticket Counter @ Hong Kong West Kowloon Station

  • Ticket Counter
    - The ticketing concourse on B1 level has a number of 28 ticket counters. International travelers should go here to buy, collect, cancel or change tickets. Short notice tickets are also sold here.
    Ticket counters in front of the entrance gates sell short notice tickets as well as change tickets as per passengers' request.
    - Ticket counters before the turnstile gates on B2 level issues replacement tickets and excess fare tickets.
    - Ticket counters in the departure concourse on B3 level provide ticket changing as well as issue lost tickets.
  • Information Desk
    Two information desks are available on B1 level, one is close to the ticketing concourse and another is near the passenger drop off area. Besides this, it also offers the railway station maps and other practical information to passengers.
  • Tourist Service Center
    - Tourist Service Center locates in the arrival concourse on B2 level. It provides a wide range of services including MTR ticket booking, hotel reservation, Hong Kong Sightseeing tour and etc.
  • Departure Concourse at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station
    Departure Concourse @ Hong Kong West Kowloon Station

  • Business Lounge
    - Passengers can enter the business lounge from B3 level. The business lounge provides even better travel experience to first class, premium class and business class tickets holders.
  • Toliets & Baby-care Room
    - Separate toilets for men and women as well as accessible toilets are available on every floor of the railway station. Meanwhile, 3 well maintained nursing rooms are avaiable on B1 level, 4 on B2 level and 5 on B3 level.
  • Water Dispenser
    - The waiting room on B3 level has water dispenser providing free hot drinking water. passengers can go there to fetch water themselves with cups, mugs, bottles and etc.
  • Lost & Found
    - In case you lose something at West Kowloon Station, please try to contact them or you can go to the Lost & Found office to file a report and let people there to find it for you.
  • Car Park
    - The car park is located on B2 level. High speed train travelers can get discount on parking rate.
  • Hong Kong West Kowloon Station Guide Signs
    Eye catching guide signs are avaiable at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station to make sure passengers can travel efficienlty inside the station.

  • Left Luggage
    - Far East Storage provides both left luggage service and luggage lockers from their shop which is located close to exit B on the ground floor. The exact location is specified as GF, WEK G-2.
  • Barrier Free Facilities
    - Universal design is rooted in the soul of West Kowloon Station which provides barrier free facilities & services to meet passenger's special requirements.
  • Smoking Room
    - Smoking is only allowed in a designated places called smoking room which is located inside the waiting room on B3 level, adjacent to No. 8 gate.
  • Trolleys
    - Trolleys are available at the concourses, car park and passenger drop off areas. Outbound passengers can use them whenever you arrive at the railway station until you come to the security checkpoint. For inbound passengers, they are available at baggage collection points and can be used until you have reached the bus station, car park or taxi pickup places.
  • Free Station Wi-Fi
    - Once you have entered West Kowloon Station, you can find Wi-Fi name "MTR Free Wi-Fi" and access the internet using intelligent mobile devices such as Iphone, Ipad and etc.
  • Free Mobile Device Charging Station
    - 3 Charge Stations are avaiable at G exit, 2 charging stations are availabl in the arrival concourse on B2 level and another 3 are available in the departure concourse on B3 level.

Shopping & Eating at West Kowloon Station

West Kowloon Station Shopping Service
West Kowloon Station is not only a transportation hub but also a popular shopping places.

Hong Kong West Kowloon Station commits to introduce the most popular brands and the most unique shops to refresh your shopping experience. It has various shops including duty free shops, gift shops, food shops, convenience stores, bakery shops, travel and ticket agencies, luggage storage, foreign exchange brokers, courier firms, banking & financial services on L1 level, ground floor, B1 level, B2 level and B3 level to meet passengers demands in different dimensions.

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