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Changsha South Railway Station

Name: Changsha South Railway Station、Changshanan Railway Station
Chinese Name: 长沙火车南站、长沙南站、长沙高铁站
Address: Huahou Road, Yuhua District, Changsha
Chinese Address: 长沙市雨花区花候路
Telephone: 0086-731-731-280505. Please note, the operator speaks Chinese only.
Opening Hours: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Changsha South Railway Station
Changsha South Railway Station. Changsha South Station is located in Huahou Road, Yuhua district, Changsha and it is 9.5 km away from the downtown. On December 26, 2009, Changsha South Station was formally put into service with the opening of Wuhan-Guangzhou section of Beijing-Hong Kong High-speed Rail.

Changsha South Station Floor Plan

There are now 2 yards in Changsha South Station and they are respectively Beijing-Hong Kong Passenger Line Yard and Shanghai-Kunming Passenger Line Yard. It has totally 13 platforms and 28 rail tracks with the construction area of 272,600 square meters. The building of Changsha South station is divided into five layers and they are respectively waiting hall layer, platform layer, exit layer, subway waiting hall layer, subway platform layer from top to bottom. The only entrance is in the platform layer.

Changsha South Railway Station Fast Transfer Channel
Changsha South Railway Station Fast Transfer Channel. Passengers don't have to go out of Changsha South Station and enter again to change trains. In fact, there is a fast transfer channel which allows passengers to move from one platform to another to change trains inside the station. What you do is to use this escalator to go upstairs to be able to change platform through the fast transfer channel.

Public Transportations to the Station

🚌 Getting here by Bus: Bus routes 8, 16, 39, 63, 67, 68, 124, 135, 148, 159, 160,208, 276, 321, 348, 365, 503 and 938 stop at Changsha South Railway Station (长沙火车南站).

🚇 Getting here by Metro: Both Changsha Metro Line 2 and Line 4 have stops at Changsha South Railway Station (长沙火车南站).

🚇 Getting here by Maglev Express: Changsha South Railway Station is a terminal station on Changsha Maglev Express line.

FYR, the taxi waiting area is on the 2nd underground floor of the west square. Travelers can follow the guide sign to find it.

Coming out from Changsha South Railway Station and walk 3 to 5 minutes, travelers can find Changsha Lituo Coach Bus Station where you can take long distance buses for Zhangjiajie, Wulingyuan, Fenghuang and etc.

Changsha South Railway Station to Airport

Quickest way is to travel by the maglev express train which is available from 7:00 am to 22:30 pm Monday to Sunday with one way riding time of 20 minutes and ticket fare of CNY 20 Yuan. Direct bus is also available with driving time of about 50 minutes and ticket fare of CNY 21 Yuan per person.

Changsha South Station to Changsha Station

Easiest way to travel between the two places is to take Changsha Metro Line 2. Travel time is about 15 minutes and ticket fare is CNY 3 Yuan per person. To travel by taxi, driving distance between the two places is about 25 km and driving time is about 40 minutes and taxi cost is about CNY 70 Yuan.

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