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Kunming Train Travel Guide

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, is the first batch of Chinese historical and cultural city. It is the largest city in Yunnan and the third-largest city (second only to Chengdu and Chongqing) in southwest China region. Besides, it is the political, economic, cultural, technological and transportation center in Yunnan province.
Kunming has a pleasant climate characterized by cool winters and warm summers. The temperature of four seasons always maintains at 3 - 29 Celsius degree. Such climate featuring of the minimum annual temperature difference across the country makes Kunming renowned by the name of "city of eternal spring" at home and abroad.
Kunming is among top ten tourist cities in the country. The city has more than 200 protected cultural relics at all levels, such as Stone Forest World Geopark, Dianchi Lake, Anning Hot Spring, Jiu Xiang, Yangzong Lake, Jiaozi Snow mountain and other famous scenic spots at national and provincial level such as World Horticultural Exposition and Yunnan Ethnic villages.
Kunming is the railway hub station composed of 12 main lines and branches as an important node of national railway network and the focus of Yunnan railway artery. The main lines are: Shanghai-Kunming Railway, Chengdu-Kunming Railway, Nanning-Kunming railway, Neijiang-Kunming Railway, Kunming-Lijiang railway, Kunming-Hekou Railway and so on. Shanghai-Kunming passenger rail line, Beijing-Kunming passenger rail line, Kunming-Bangkok high-speed rail, Yun-Gui express railway, Chengdu-Kunming express railway and the railway around Dianchi Lake are all under construction.

Kunming Railway Stations Guide

Kunming Railway Station is located in the southern section of Beijing Road, Guandu District and its Postcode is 650000. Kunming Station has 6 platforms and 12 tracks.
Kunming Railway Station whose maximum passenger assembling is up to about 10,000 is currently the largest railway station in the southwest region. The waiting hall in Kunming station is bright and spacious with a pleasing and comfortable environment. Escalators are availableb both at the waiting rooms and from platforms. In Kunming Station, there are totally more than 10 daily trains which go to Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Nanning, Nanchang, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Guiyang, Changsha, Hangzhou and so on.

Kunming Railway Stations Map

Kunming Train Station map

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Transportation Guide

Kunming Railway Station to Kunming Changshui Airport
  • by Airport Express

  • Airport bus line 2 go to Changshui Airport at the gate of Xiyi hotel on Beijing road outside the station at 5:00am each day. The fare is CNY 25 Yuan and it takes about 90 minutes to get there. Operating time is from 05:00 to 22:00. It runs every 30 minutes and every 15 minutes in rush hours.
  • by Bus

  • Travelers can also take bus No.919D at the square in front of the station to Changshui airport. Time of the whole journey is about 100 minutes.
  • by Taxi

  • The distance from Kunming Station to Changshui International Airport by taxi is 27 km. It takes about 35 minutes and the fare is about CNY 80 Yuan.
Kunming Railway Station to the West Passenger Station
  • By Bus

  • Travelers can directly take No. 80 bus from Kunming Railway Station to the West Passenger Station. It takes about an hour and the fare is CNY 1 Yuan. Its pick-up station is close to the railway station's exit.
  • by Taxi

  • Distance between Kunming Railway Station and the West Passenger Station is about 11 km. It takes about 25 minutes by taxi and fare is CNY 30 Yuan.
    This option is best for group of 2-3 people.
Kunming Railway Station to the East Passenger Station
  • By Bus

  • Travelers can take No.60 bus directly to the East Passenger Station. Time of the whole journey is 2 hours and cost is CNY 2 Yuan.
  • by Taxi

  • Distance between the two places is about 21 km. It takes about 40 minutes by taxi and fare is about CNY 60 Yuan.
Kunming Railway Station to Stone Forest
  • by Train

  • the most convenient option is to get to the Stone Forest (Shilin) by train.
    There is still a distance of 4 or 5 Km to get to the gate of the Stone Forest scenic spot from the Stone Forest (also known as Shilin) Railway Station, but there are mini cars outside the railway station which can carry passengers to get there and you can drive a bargain for the lower cost.
  • by Bus

  • Another option is to take a shuttle bus. You should firstly try to reach the East Passenger Station to buy bus ticket to the Stone Forest Scenic Spot rather than to the Stone forest. It takes about half an hour for bus journey from the East Passenger Station to Stone Forest Scenic Spot. This bus runs directly into the parking lot which is just 150m away from the Stone Forest Scenic Spot. You can see the gate of the Stone Forest Scenic Spot when you get off and you can just walk there.
Kunming Railway Station to Dianchi Lake
  • By Bus

  • Travelers can take either No.24 or No.44 bus from the railway station to Dianchi Lake and the closest stop to get off is at Haigeng Park. It takes about 45 minutes and fare is CNY 1 Yuan.
  • By Taxi

  • Distance between the two places is about 12 kilometers. It takes about 25 minutes by taxi and cost is at least CNY 30 Yuan.

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