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Jinhua West Train Station
Photo 1: A Front View of Jinhua West Railway Station

Jinhua Train Travel Guide

 Jinhua City is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province, bordering Taizhou City to the east, Lishui City to the south, Quzhou City to the west, Shaoxing and Hangzhou Cities to the north.
 The scenery is beautiful, among the attractions: the Double Dragon Cave, Hengdian World Studios and etc.
 Jinhua includes 2 municipal districts (WuCheng District, Jindong District), 4 county-level cities (Lanxi City, Yiwu City,Jinhua City and Yongkang City) and 3 counties (Pujiang County,Wu'an County and Pan'an County). The Municipal People's Government is located at No.801 Shuanglong South Street, WuCheng District.
 JInhua, as a transportation hub of Zhejiang and East China, has convenient traffic. A comprehensive transportation network that incorporates railway, highway, waterway, and air transport has been formed in Jinhua, where Hukun Railway (Shanghai-Kunming), Jinqian Railway (Jinhua- Qiandao Lake) and Jinwen Railway (Jinhua-Wenzhou) met.
 Hangchang(Hangzhou-Changsha) High-speed Rail and the New Jinwen High-speed Rail will be opened to traffic.
 Several railways that originate from Jinhua have also been approved for construction, including Yongjin Railway(Ningbo-Jinhua) , Jintai Railway(Jinhua-Taizhou), and Jinhuang Railway(Jinhua-Huangshan).
 There are 2 passenger railway stations within urban areas of Jinhua.

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  1. Guide for Jinhua West Railway Station.
  2. Guide for Jinhua South Railway Station.

Part One: Jinhua West Railway Station

 Jinhua West Railway Station is located at Dier Road, the edge of the downtown areas. Hugang (Shanghai-Hong Kong) through train and all the trains running along the Hukun, Jinwen, and Jinqian Railways stop here.
 Jinhua West Bus Terminal is 5 to 10 minutes' walk from Jinhua West Railway Station, providing convenience for passengers in need of transferring to a bus.
 Jinhua West Railway Station is one of the 48 major transportation hubs in mainland China with a handling capacity of about 130 passenger trains daily( including 5 originating trains). High speed bullet trains by way of Hukun (Shanghai-Kunming) to Shanghai South Railway Station, Wuchang and Changsha also stop here.

Layout Map of Jinhua West Railway Station

A Platform on Jinhua West Train Station
Photo 2: A Platform of Jinhua West Railway Station.

 The whole waiting hall of Jinhua West Railway Station has two floors which are connected with escalators and two stairs.
 The first floor is designed as a waiting area for the down trains (from North to South in terms of railway) to the direction of Wenzhou, while the second floor is for the up trains to the north direction.
 Waiting room for soft sleeper ticket holders is in the easternmost of the first floor; Waiting rooms for soldiers, infant & mom and group travelers are in the west of second floor;
 Waiting room for high speed bullet trains is in the easternmost of the second floor, with an area of over 600 square meters.
 Various waiting rooms are all concentrated in the Waiting Hall. Shopping centre lies in the west of the hall.
 There are elaborate guide for the entrance of passengers and signs for waiting and boarding.
 Besides, there are Ticketing Halls on both floors to the east of Waiting Hall.
 Jinhua West Bus Terminal is about 100 meters to the west away from Jinhua West Railway Station.
 Regular coaches and buses are dispatched daily to various destinations throughout Zhejiang province such as Wenling, Hongqiao, Luqiao, Linhai, Longyou, Huangyan, Lishui, Meicheng and Fuyang, making the Jinhua West Bus Terminal become an important transfer station in central and western Zhejiang.
 Buses available at Jinhua West Train Station: K11, 16, K15, K19, K24, K37, K38, 304, 305, 310, 317, 318, 322, 326, K330, 339, 350 and Y3.

Part Two: Jinhua South Railway Station

 Jinhua South Railway Station is situated in the suburbs of northeast of Jinhua City: Machetang Village, Dongxiao Street of Jindong District. It is at the east of Jin'ou Road, 6.7 kilometers away from the urban area, and 13 kilometers from Jinhua West Railway Station.
 Three platforms and one platform awning are available now. Covering an area of 600 square meters with 500 seats, the Waiting Room of Jinhua South Railway Station has a handling capacity of thousands of passengers daily.
 It is only used for the stop of trains running along Jinwen Railway to the direction of Wenzhou. It takes at least 35 to 40 minutes to get to Jinhua South Railway Station by taxi from Jinhua West Railway Station.
 Besides, No.16 bus is available between the South Station and the West Station.

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