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As a provincial capital, Jinan is situated in the midwest of Shandong province. It is not only an important intersection of Bohai Sea Economic Zone and Beijing -Shanghai Economic Axis, but it is also a major transportation hub and distribution center of China.

Jinan includes 6 municipal districts (Shizhong District, Lixia District, Tianqiao District, Huaiyin District, Licheng District, and Changqing District), 3 counties (Pingyin County, Jiyang County and Shanghe County) and one county-level city of Zhangqiu.

Jinan is among China's Top Ten regional passenger transport hubs being planned. There have been Jinan Railway Station, Jinan East Railway Station, Jinan West Railway Station and Zhangqiu Railway Station in Jinan City by October, 2012. In addition, the New Jinan East Railway Station is under planning and construction.

Jinan Railway Station is the largest railway passenger station in Shandong with Jinghu( Beijing-Shanghai) Railway and Jiaoji (Jiaozhou to Jinan)railway meeting here. Passengers can take the following buses to get there: No.3, No.9, No.11, k11, No.18, No.21, No.34, No.43, k51, No.78, No.83, No.84, K90, K98, No.118, K156, No.201, K302, and BRT-5.

As an auxiliary station for Jinan Railway Station, Jinan East Railway Station is situated at Minghu North Road, the north bank of Daming Lake. It is a stop for the trains running to and from Jiaodong peninsula via Jinan. Passengers may take the following buses to get there: No.6, No.14, No.30, No.31, No.33, No.36, No.46, K53, No.83, No.112, No.122, K122 and BRT-5.

Jinan West Railway Station, one of the five initial stations/terminal stations for Jinghu( Beijing-Shanghai) High Speed Railway, is situated at core area of the Western New City of Jinan, east side of G3 Jingtai Expressway(Beijing to Taipei). Passengers can take the following buses to get there: No.19, No.38, K58, K109, K156, K157, and K167.

The New Jinan East Railway Station being under planning and construction is situated in Wangsheren Area, eastern Jinan. It is the stop for Taiqing (Taiyuan to Qingdao) High-speed Railway being built, and it is also a center station for intercity railroad across the Jinan metropolitan area.

Part One: Jinan Railway Station Guide

Jinan Railway Station, called "Jinan Station" for short, the largest railway station in Jinan, is situated on the west side of Jingyilu Overbridge, Tianqiao District, Jinan. It is a comprehensive top class station integrating passenger transport with freight transport; and with passenger transport being the main duty, it has a handling capacity of over 65,000 passengers daily.

At present, it has 10 tracks and 7 platforms.


The new Ticket Hall that has altogether 3 floors came into use on September 16, 2013. The first floor is mainly used as ticket areas which are divided into three parts: the east, the middle, and the west. Among them, the east part is Self-service Collecting Tickets Hall, the middle part is Self-service Ticketing Hall and the west part is Manual Ticketing Hall.

The Self-service Collecting Tickets Hall is equipped with 10 self-service ticket collecting machines for passengers who booked ticket from Internet or through the telephone.

The Self-service Ticketing Hall is equipped with 40 ticket vending Machines, half east half west, and half card & coin all-in-one machines half card-only machines. Bank cards from Bank of China, Industry and Commerce Bank of China and Agriculture Bank of China are all accepted by these ticket machines.

The Manual Ticketing Hall is equipped with 21 ticketing windows of which 16 windows are open over the year. Besides ordinary ticket windows, Window 1 is for special use of barrier-free accessibility; Windows 2 to 5 are used for refunding and changing tickets; Window 8 is "CPC Member Model" window; Window 9 is "Youth Civilization" window; Windows 15 to 18 are emergency ticket window; Window 19 is the shift manager window; Windows 20 to 21 are the Accreditation centers - providing the passengers with identification document for the convenience of buying ticket and boarding a train.

A large LED electronic display screen is set up over the whole ticket Windows. Divided into 4 parts, it shows passengers the latest information of remaining tickets amount, train timetable and instant notice.

Waiting Rooms

The first floor is waiting rooms for high-speed rail. Here depart or stop the High-speed bullet trains to Qingdao, Beijing South, Tianjin West, Shanghai Hongqiao, Hangzhou South and Hefei.

Owning to separating High-speed trains from regular trains and departing them respectively, it is more convenient for passengers to take the right train. Passengers with business-class or special-class tickets can wait for trains at the dedicated VIP waiting rooms.

The second floor is waiting rooms for normal trains. The waiting hall takes a ring-shaped spatial pattern, with A waiting areas(marked A1 to A7) and B waiting areas(marked B1 to B7) being on both the eastern and western sides of the hall.

The first floor (waiting rooms for high-speed rail) is equipped with 4 automatic ticket checkers; the areas of A1-A3 and B1-B3 on the second floor are equipped with 8 respectively. They only read and accept tickets of multiple unit trains and high-speed trains.

At present, only the blue-ticket can be used to automatic ticket checkers, whereas the traditional red-ticket still has to be checked manually.

In view of many other emergencies, another entrance is set up beside each ticket wicket (48 ticket wickets in total) for the convenience of the wheelchair users and passengers with big luggage, which definitely speeds up the passing through and facilitates the rapid boarding of passengers.

Part Two: Jinan West Railway Station Guide

Jinan West Railway Station is situated at Huaiyin District, Jinan, and west side of Zhangzhuang Airport. It is 8.5 kilometers away from the city center. It is a passenger station of Jinghu (Beijing-Shanghai) High-Speed Railway and Qingtai(Qingdao to Taiyuan) Passenger Railway being built. Besides, it is connected with Jiaoji(Qingdao to Jinan) Passenger Railway by means of interconnection lines.

Jinan West Railway Station was put into service in June, 2011 with the opening to traffic of Jinghu (Beijing-Shanghai) High-Speed Railway.

It is designed to be able to accommodate maximum 4,000 people simultaneously, with 15 platforms and 17 tracks (including 2 high-speed main lines). The station building is designed to use the structure of the elevated waiting hall, and is equipped with elevated walkway (in front of the station) and drop-off platforms.

Map Layout

Jinan West Railway Station consists of the main station building, the elevated waiting hall, underground exit and urban corridors, column-free canopy and platforms. Among them, the main station building has a total construction area of 10, 000 square meters with 65,000 square meters' column-free canopy.

It has mainly 3 floors above the ground (4 floors partly) and 2 floors underground (3 floors partly).The basement 3 is platforms of Metro Line 6 and reserved passage; the basement 2 is platforms of Jinan Metro Line 1 and reserved passage; the basement 1 is transferring area and equipments rooms; the ground floor is Exit Hall, Ticket offices and other special-use rooms; the second floor is mainly Entrance Hall, VIP Rooms, Ticket Offices and other special-use rooms; the third floor is mainly the elevated waiting hall, subordinate rooms and some commercial service facilities.


Three ticket areas are available for passengers entering the hall from different directions: the two ticketing hall on the north and south sides of the ground floor and one ticketing hall on the north side of the second floor. They are equipped with 46 manual ticketing windows, 48 ticket vending machines and 4 Fare Adjustment Offices.

Having bought tickets, passengers may take escalator to elevated waiting hall. Special commercial service facilities are available to provide passengers with the services of shopping and entertainment.

Waiting for trains

The whole elevated waiting hall has an area of 22802 square meters which is as large as three football fields. Different from the building of Jinan Railway Station that is divided into different waiting room, the open-style waiting hall here is good for passengers to find ticket wickets.

When it is time to get aboard, passengers should first have their tickets checked at the ticket wickets on both sides of the hall, then take escalator down to the second floor to board trains.

Getting ready for boarding

On the third floor--Waiting Hall--there are altogether 29 ticket wickets (A1 to A15 and B2 to B15) and 14 entrances, which play a maximum role in avoiding crowdedness.

Having tickets checked, passengers may get to the second floor by escalators, stairs or elevators and wait for trains at the platforms there. Fourteen platforms (from No.2 to No.15) are set up corresponding to different entrances, which can accommodate 26 trains drawing into the station at the same time. Besides, on the west side of the second floor there are Ticket Wicket C1 and VIP Waiting Area.


The Exits of Jinan West Railway Station are mainly on the basement 1. They vary according to different platforms, including Exit A1, Exit A2, Exit A3, Exit A4 and Exit A5 as well as Exit B1 to Exit B5. On both sides there are taxi passages for the convenience of passengers who need to take a taxi to the direction of Rizhao Road and Weihai Road.

Part Three: Jinan East Railway Station Guide

Jinan East Railway Station, situated at Hubei Road, Lixia District, is the smallest station among all the railway stations in Jinan, and it is the closest one to city center. As an auxiliary station for Jinan Railway Station, it mainly takes on the reception and departure of trains (multiple unit trains) to and fro Taiyuan, Dandong, Tonghua, Shijiazhuang North, Beijing, Qingdao, Weihai, Yantai, Yanji, Harbin, Baotou, and Heze. Besides, it provides extra train service of K8291 originating from Jinan East to Yantai.

Part Four: Transfer Guide

Jinan Railway Station to Jinan West Railway Station

Bus: K156 bus is available to and from between these two places, and it takes about 50 minutes with ticket fare of CNY 2 yuan.

Taxi: it takes at most 30 minutes by taxi with cost of about CNY 30 yuan.

Train: many high speed trains run between these two places, and it takes about 15 minutes with a fare of CNY 6 Yuan(2nd-class ticket). Although trains run fast, it is quite troublesome to enter and come out from the station.

Jinan Railway Station to Jinan Yaoqiang Airport

There is no direct coach commuting between these two places at present, and it takes about 50 minutes by taxi with taxi fare of over CNY 100 Yuan.

Jinan Railway Station to Jinan East Railway Station

It is about 5 kilometers between these two places, and it takes only 10 minutes by taxi with a fare of about CNY 15 Yuan.

Jinan West Railway Station to Jinan Yaoqiang Airport

Airport Express Line 1 shuttles between the West Square of Jinan West Railway Station and Jinan Airport. It takes a single fare (through ticket) of CNY 20 yuan per trip for the distance of 54 kilometers. Its service time is from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., leaving every an hour from both terminals. And it takes 1 hour for the single trip. Various services such as checking luggage, cell phone charging and free WiFi are provided on the Express.

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