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Guilin City is situated in the north of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Being an international tourism city enjoying high reputation at home and abroad, it has long been known as "the landscape of Guilin is the best under heaven".

Guilin, with a total area of 278,000 square kilometers, includes 6 municipal districts (Xiufeng District, Xiangshan District, Diecai District, Qixing District, Yanshan District and Lingui District), 9 counties (Lingchuan County, Yangshuo County, Xing’an County, Guanyang County, Ziyuan County, Quanzhou County, Yongfu County, Lipu County and Pingle County) and 2 autonomous counties (Longsheng Various Nationalities Autonomous County and Gongcheng Autonomous County).

Located in the southwest of Nanling Mountains, Guilin with an average elevation of 150 meters is a typical of karst landform. The famous tourist attractions in Guilin are Yangshuo, Li River, Nine-horse Fresco Hill, Longji Terraces, the Elephant Trunk Hill, Silver Cave, Xiingping Ancient Town, the Seven-star scenic spot etc.

Guilin has a subtropical humid monsoon climate. Overall, it is blessed with four distinct seasons as well as a mild climate. The best season to travel Guilin is from April to October. However, when it comes to National Day Holiday (from October 1st to October 7th), --a peak time for traveling, there will be definitely so many visitors that the traffic here will be not as smooth as usual.

Besides, Rooms available will be in short supply in spite of a higher price than usual. Therefore, it is wise of you to appreciate the beautiful scenery in some other time of the year.

There are two passenger stations in Guilin: Guilin North Railway Station and Guilin Railway Station.

Guilin Railway Station is the main station at present. Located in city center (Zhongshan South Road), it has convenient traffic.

On the contrary, Guilin North Railway Station is located in the north suburbs without convenient traffic, and only No.18 and No.99 buses are available here to the downtown. If your train stops at both the two stations, you'd better not get off at Guilin North Railway Station.

Guilin has few originating trains and its two train stations are used mainly as a stop for trains coming from other places. So, in general, it is hard to buy berth tickets for trains to the North from the ticket window, but it is pretty convenient to take trains to cities within the region such as Liuzhou and Nanning.

Part One: Guilin Railway Stations Guide

Guilin Railway Station, known as South Station to local people, is situated at intersection of Shanghai Road and Zhongshan South Road, Xiangshan District, with a zip code of 541002. It is a major passenger station that can accommodate fifteen thousand people simultaneously.

It is equipped with 7 tracks and 4 1.25-meter-high platforms - the platform level with the door of carriage, greatly facilitating the access of passengers.

There are lots of Left-baggage Offices at the station. They provide services with high security, although most of them are private. Besides, many travel agencies have luggage storage services in their offices that are close to the entrance/exit of the station. Generally, CNY 5 yuan is charged for each piece of baggage, and it costs more for a large one.

Note: please do not deposit your valuables there.

Part Two: Transfer Guide for Guilin Railway Station

Guilin Railway Station to Guilin Long Distance Bus Station

Guilin Bus Staion, also known as Guilin Bus terminal, is north of Guilin Railway Station. It takes just 10 minutes to walk there from the railway station. You can also cross the square to the other side of the street, and then take No.10 or No.11 bus to get there.

Guilin Railway Station to Yangshuo

There are a number of mini-buses to Yangshuo near the Exit of Guilin Railway Station. On one hand, because these privately-owned buses stop constantly to pick up passengers, it will delay your time inevitably. On the other hand, as thieves sometimes get on the bus on the way, there is no guarantee of your security. They run till 12 o'clock at night with a fare of CNY 12 to 15 Yuan each.

If you don’t have much luggage, you are advised to walk to Guilin Bus Station and take direct bus to Yangshuo. It takes you at most an hour to get to Yangshuo, because these state-owned buses do not stop on the way. Besides, their seats are more comfortable. Service time of these state-owned direct buses is from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and ticket fare is CNY 20 yuan each.

Guilin Railway Station to Li River

There are two choices for you:

1. You can take tourist ships from Guilin to Yangshuo, as long as you sign up and pay at your hotel or any travel agency. The charge is approximately CNY 230 yuan which includes cost for ferry ticket, round trip air-condition bus and insurance. You can enjoy the wonderful scenery of Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo.(Highly recommended)

2. You may first take a taxi to Longchuanping Dock, and then take the tourist ship for the part of Li River within urban areas. Ferry fare is approximately CNY 60 yuan(for your reference only). You may appreciate some well-known scenic spots of Guilin such as Elephant trunk hill, Folded Colors Hill and Fubo Hill. You can also sign up for the travel at your hotel or any travel agency. Although the charge is higher, they provide bus service as well as professional tour guide service.

If you choose the first one, you'd better stay for a night at Yangshuo instead of return Guilin in a hurry, for the scenery in Yangshuo is fairly beautiful. Be sure to get to the West Street at night, for the bars there are pretty good. You can rent a bicycle to Yulong River or Moon Hill the next morning for a ride, for the landscape is also very beautiful.

If you choose the second one, you'd better pay an additional visit to the Two Rivers and Four Lakes (you can take a boat at night or travel on foot in the daytime, and the latter is free), for the scenery there is also great.

Guilin Railway Station to Elephant Trunk Hill

1. On foot: getting out of the Exit of the station, you can walk to the north (toward the direction of Zhongshan Middle Road). After passing the Nanmen Bridge, turn right at the cross road then go straight for about 20 minutes, finally you arrive the Elephant Trunk Hill.

2. by bus: There are direct buses to Elephant Trunk Hill at the bus station opposite Guilin Railway Station. You may take either No.2 or No.16 bus and get off at the stop of Elephant Trunk Hill.

Guilin Railway Station to Longji Terraces
Passengers can take the regular bus (from Guilin to Longsheng), and be sure to ask whether the bus will stop at the intersection of Heping Road before getting on it. It takes about 90 minutes from Guilin to Heping. After getting off the bus, you can see the scenic spot sign. Because there is some distance from the place where you bought ticket to Longji Terraces, you are advised to take a tour bus to the exact location of the scenic spot.
Guilin Railway Station to Marryland

You can take shuttle buses (from Guilin to Xing'an Marryland) at the Guilin Bus Staion with a fare is CNY 16 Yuan one way.

Guilin Railway Station to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport

There is no direct bus running between these two places. It takes about 45 minutes and costs CNY 80 to 100 Yuan for you to cover the shortest distance of 28 kilometers by taxi.

Guilin Railway Station to Guilin North Railway Station
It is about 9 kilometers between these two places. Passengers can take No.100 bus to travel to and from between Guilin Station and Guilin North Station. It takes about 50 minutes with ticket fare of CNY 1 Yuan. Besides, it takes about 20 minutes by taxi.

Part Three: Guilin North Railway Station Guide

Guilin North Railway Station as an initial station is situated in the north of Guilin, at the urban area-Lingchuan County border. At present, the station has initial trains to Beijing, Shenzhen (about to extend to Kowloon, Hong Kong) and so on.

Now, the expansion project of Guilin North Railway Station is being under construction. All the trains originating from Guilin or by way of Guilin will originate from or stop at Guilin Railway Station instead of Guilin North Railway Station from June 11th, 2013.

When the construction is completed, Guilin North Railway Station will be upgraded from 2 platforms and 6 tracks at present to 4 1.25-meter standard high platforms and 9 tracks.

Part Four: Transfer Guide for Guilin North Railway Station

Guilin North Railway Station to Guilin Bus Station
It is about 8 kilometers between these two places. Passengers can take either No.99 or No.100 bus from Guilin North Railway Station to Guilin Long Distance Bus Station. It takes about 50 minutes and costs CNY 1 Yuan each person.
Guilin North Railway Station to Yangshuo
Passengers may take a bus or a taxi to Guilin Bus Station where they can take a direct bus to Yangshuo.
Guilin North Railway Station to Guilin Liangjiang Airport
It is about 35 km between these two places. Because there is no direct bus running between them, you can take a taxi to get there. Riding time is about 50 minutes.

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