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"Yiwu should construct a land passageway that can connect the famous Small Commodities Market with the world"

-The dream of Feng Xu Bin in 2010

Feng Xu Bin
Mr. Feng Xu Bin, Chairman of YXE Trading Service Group, the man who made the dream of connecting Yiwu and the world with the railway come true.

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Brand Story of YXE Rail

Yiwu has world's largest small commodity market. Until the early 2010s, products from Yiwu went abroad either through ships via the sea or through international long distance trucks via the land. Mr. Feng Xu Bin, a Yiwuer born in late 1970s who made his first fortune by offering advertising service for the real estate industry found it's troublesome and time consuming to export products in such ways. He dreamed to export Yiwu small commodities in a more efficient and more optimized method that is railway.
Mr. Feng Xu Bin quitted from the profitable advertising business in 2010 and started the new adventure. By that time, Yiwu had no railway port at all and Feng Xu Bin had to start from scratch. The challenge is unprecedented as he had to lobby the railway departments both in China and other countries to support his plan. Time and money he invested turned into nothing in the first three years. His sliver lining came after the Belt and Road Initiative has been proposed in September 2013. On January 20, 2014, he managed to launch the train from Yiwu to five countries in Central Asia which is known as the predecessor of Yiwu-Europe freight train. Subsequently, on November 18, 2014, another international freight train loaded with 82 standard containers left from Yiwu for Madrid in Spain which meant Yiwu to Europe freight train formally debuted.

rail port in Yiwu
The Railway Port in Yiwu West Railway Station

💰 YXE Yiwu-Europe Freight Train Networks & Route Map

The network of YXE, Yiwu-Europe freight railroad, a brand of China-Europe Railway Express expanded quickly from 1 route to 16 routes in several years. It is now connecting Yiwu with 49 countries and regions in Asian-European Continent. These 16 routes are Yiwu-Central Asia line (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan), Yiwu-Madrid line, Yiwu-Tehran line, Yiu-Moscow line, Yiu-Mazarisharif line, Yiwu-Minsk Line, Yiwu-Riga line, Yiwu-London line, Yiwu-Prague line, Yiwu-Dourges line, Yiwu-Liege line, Yiwu-Vilnius line, Yiwu-Hanoi line, Yiwu-Kyiv line, China-kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Highway-Railway Combined Transport line and Yiwu-Kaliningrad-Rostock Rail-Sea Intermodal Transport line.

💰 Map of Yiwu-Europe Freight Railroads

Yiwu International Freight Railway Map
Map of YXE Yiwu-Europe Freight Railroads

YXE international freight train adopts dual-platform mode meaning it can leave from (or arrive at) either Yiwu West Railway Station or Jinhua South Railway Station in Zhejiang which gives cargo owner more flexibility. YXE rail distinguished itself from other sub-brands of China Europe Railway Express with following special characteristics:

  1. YXE Yiwu-Europe freight trains are operated by the privately-owned company YXE Trading Service Group while its counterparts are all operated by stated-owned companies.
  2. YXE Yiwu-Europe freight train has the biggest tonnage rating among others.
  3. YXE Yiwu-Europe freight railway has the largest number of routes, the longest railway line in the world and the variety of goods it transported tops other China Europe freight trains.
  4. YXE Yiwu-Europe freight train has the highest loading factor among all other China-Europe freight trains.

✍ Yiwu-Madrid Freight Railway

Yiwu-Madrid freight railway has the length of more than 13,000 kilometers making it world's longest railway line. Starting from Yiwu China, the track terminates at Madrid Spain passing through countries such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and France. By way of Yiwu-Madrid Railway, the first cargo train leaving Yiwu on November 18 2014 could complete the journey in 17 days even though it had to go through several times of Bogie exchanges. It can take no less than 40 days for the cargo ship to make similar journey. The Yiwu-Madrid Railway is said to have further strengthened trade ties between China and Spain. Regular scheduled freight trains are now available between Yiwu and Madrid.

Yiwu Rostock Train
The First Train is Leaving Yiwu for Rostock

✍ Yiwu-London Freight Railway

With the length of 12,000 kilometers, the Yiwu-London railway line was opened on the new year day of 2017. The rail track originates from Yiwu West Railway Station in Zhejiang China and terminates at DB Eurohub in Barking, East London of the United Kingdom. It took about 18 days to travel from Yiu to London for the first train. The first returning train left London on April 10 2017 and arrived Yiwu West Railway Station in the morning of April 29 by spending 20 days on the road.
Regular scheduled freight trains are now available between Yiwu and London.

✍ Why Yiwu-Europe Freight Train?

From November 2014 to August 2021, the total number of YXE freight trains running between Yiwu and Europe has reached 3,000 with the growth rate of 100% year over year. Why more and more people are choosing YXE train for international goods transportation?

  1. Price Advantage: cost for rail transport is 1/4 of that of air transport.
  2. Speed Advantage: time for rail transport is 1/3 of that of sea transport.
  3. Stability Advantage: During the pandemic, the ports are overcrowded and many international flights are suspended. China-Europe freight train, on the other hand, is less influenced by the COVID-19 disease and it still can provide on time delivery.
  4. China-Europe freight train represents green and sustainable transport which is widely welcomed by European people.

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