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Chongqing West Railway Station

Chongqing has four railway stations, naming Chongqing Railway Station, Chongqing South Railway Station, Chongqing North Railway Station and Chongqing West Railway Station. Chongqing Railway Station and Chongqing South Railway Station are small stations and they serve conventional speed trains only. Chongqing North Railway Station serves both conventional trains and high speed trains while the new opening Chongqing West Railway Station serves high speed trains only.
In this article, we feature on Chongqing West Railway Station.

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  2. The Transportation Hub
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Name: Chongqing West Railway Station.
Address: No. 32, Shangqiao Zhangjiawan, Shapingba District, Chongqing.
Chongqing West Railway Station opens on January 16, 2018 when Chongqing-Guizhou High Speed Railway makes its debut.
The railway station locates at former Shangqiao East Cargo Station site with Fengzhong Overpass on inner ring expressway to its east, Zhongliang Mountain range to its west, Huayan Scenic Resort to its south and West Ring Overpass on Chongqing-Kunming Expressway to its north. It is 40 km to Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, 17 km to Chongqing North Railway Station and 12 km to Chongqing (Caiyuanba) Railway Station.

Chongqing Railway Station
Boasting the largest railway station in Southwest China, Chongqing West Railway Station is the originating station to several railway lines including Chongqing-Guiyang High Speed Railway, Lanzhou-Chongqing Railway, Chongqing-Kunming High Speed Railway, Xiangyang-Chongqing Railway, Chengdu-Chongqing Railway and etc.

The Transportation Hub

As an intermodal passenger transport hub, Chongqing West Railway Station integrates railway station, bus and coach station, metro station and taxi service together providing passengers with seamless interchange between transport modes.
Covering an area of 120,000 square meters, Chongqing West Railway Station has Yukun (Chongqing-Kunming) Yard, Yugui (Chongqing-Guiyang) Yard and Lanyu (Lanzhou-Chongqing) Yard deployed with 15 platform and 33 tracks with daily arrives and departures of 762 trains. It's expected to have an annual passenger volume of more than 42 million.

Station Map

Chongqing West Railway Station has five floors. The ground floor is used for ticket office and entrance hall. The first underground floor is used as transit bus and coach stations, the second underground floor is used for public transit, the third underground floor is used as metro station for under-constructed line 5 and the ring line, the fourth underground floor is reserved for station on the under-planned Chongqing Metro Line 12.
It has 2630 parking spaces located on the first and the second unerground floors.
Its waiting area can accommodate up to 15,000 people simultaneously.

Public Transport Advice

Chongqing Railway Station
Overhead direction signs in both Chinese and English are available at the exit of Chongqing West Railway Station guiding you to the long distance bus station, public transit bus stop, taxi stand and etc.

Metro is not available yet. To travel to Chongqing West Railway Station, you can take bus routes 203, 213, 222, 260, 843 and 891 and get off at Fengzhong Road (凤中路) station.
Airport bus K106 runs between Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and Chongqing West Railway Station directly and riding time is about 1 hour.

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