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Hong Kong Bullet Train Travel Guide

The high speed bullet trains commence operation in Hong Kong on September 23, 2018 and China's first special administrative region automatically joins to the Mainland's fast-growing high speed railway network.
By significantly reducing travel time between Hong Kong and 44 destinations in the Mainland, Hong Kong brings real welfares to worldwide travelers with the direct high speed trains.
In this article, China Train Guide would be more than happy to share some essential guide information to help you travel the high speed train in Hong Kong smoothly and efficiently.

Main Content List:

  1. Traveler's Guide to West Kowloon Station
  2. Train Ticket Purchase / Reservation Guide
  3. Customs Clearance Procedures
  4. Travel Advices

Hong Kong West Kowloon Train Station Guide

Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station is adjacent to West Kowloon Cultural District. The unique station building brightens up the picturesque neighbourhood and it is doomed to be a hotspot to photographers and travelers.
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West Kowloon Railway Station
Served with gross floor area ("GFA") of 380,000 square meters, West Kowloon Railway Station is known as world's largest underground high speed train staion.

Ticket Purchasing Guide

Purchasing tickets is no longer a headache problem to world wide travelers to travel the high speed train in Hong Kong. MTR, the official company that operates Hong Kong to Mainland China high speed trains offers various channels to help you to purchase or reserve tickets easily.

  1. ⚑ Online Ticketing
  2. An efficient way is to purchase tickets online. Travelers can purchase tickets through the official website of MTR on this link or through the Customer Service Center of China Railway on this link The MTR booking website has English interface while that of China Railway Customer Service Center has not. What's more, MTR online booking website accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay while only accepts online payment by Chinese bank accounts.
    Both MTR and China Railway Customer Serivce Center sells online tickets maximum 30 days in advance. Service time for online ticketing is from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, Monday to Sunday and online booking cut-off time is 120 minutes prior to train departure.
    No additional fee is involved to purchase tickets online. However, since e-tickets are not available, travelers will have to go to the ticket counters or the ticket vending machines to collect paper tickets to be able to board the train. Cut-off time to collect ticket is 45 minutes before train departure.

  3. ✅ Offline Ticketing - Purchasing from Ticket Counters
  4. Ticket Counters at West Kowloon Station
    Travelers are queuing up to purchase their tickets directly from ticket counters of West Kowloon Railway Station in Hong Kong..

    West Kowloon Railway Station has ticket concourse on the B1 level with 23 ticket counters providing ticket purchase, refund, alteration, collection and lost ticket services. Travelers can come here for ticketing issues from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm Monday to Sunday. These ticket counters sell train tickets from minimum 45 minutes to maximum 28 days in advance.
    Real name policy applies to all high speed train travelers. To purchase tickets here, you are required to provide personal identity documents including Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents or so called Home Return Permit, Second-generation Identity Card, PRC Exit/Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents and foreign passports.
    Ticket counters accept payment by cash in Hong Kong dollar or CNY Yuan, e-payments including Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, Octopus and EPS, mobile payments including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Sumsung Pay, Alipay and Wechat Pay.

  5. ☏ Telephone Ticketing
  6. Travelers can call telephone number 2120 0888 to do tele-ticketing from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday to Sunday. It allows you to book tickets from 2 hours to 30 days in advance. Payment methods applied are Visa and MasterCard. You will have to collect tickets reserved through telephone from ticket counters at least 45 minutes in advance to be able to board the train.

  7. ☛ Ticket Vending Machine
  8. Ticket Vending Machines at West Kowloon Station
    In the ticketing hall, there are a number of 39 ticket vending machines through which travelers can purchase or retrieve tickets booked. However, these ticket machines can only be used by Mainland China citizens with 2nd generation ID cards or people from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan with related travel permits. Travelers using passports will have to go to the ticket counters to collect or purchase tickets as these TVMs can't read passports...

  9. ™ Ticket Agency
  10. Travelers can also purchase tickets through designated travel agents including China Railway Holdings (HK) Limited, China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited, Chu Kong Tourism Company Limited , Connexus Travel Limited, Gray Line Tours of Hong Kong Limited, GZTC (Hong Kong) International Tour Co. Ltd., Holiday World Tours Ltd, Hong Kong Wing On Travel Services Limited , Hong Thai Travel Services Limited, Hua Min Tourism Company Limited, Jebsen Travel Ltd. , Klook Travel Technology Limited, Norray Travel Co. Ltd, Shun Tak Travel Services Ltd., The Motor Transport Company of Guangdong and Hong Kong Limited, Travel Expert Limited, Westminster Travel Limited and Xin Jing Travel Services Ltd.
    Travel agents sell tickets maximum 30 days in advance.

Issues on Border Exit & Entry

Customs and Immigration at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station
The co-location arrangement reached between Hong Kong and Mainland China allows China port to be stationed in West Kowloon Railway Station to let worldwide travelers to travel between Hong Kong and the Mainland China efficiently and flexibly by completing border entry and exit procedures in one go at West Kowloon Railway Station. This image demonstrates how the border clerance procedure works at West Kowloon Railway Station.

  • For Outbound Travelers
  • Northbound travelers to Mainland China are advised to arrive Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station to go through related procedures at least 45 minutes prior to train departure. Travelers are required to submit train tickets and identity documents for ticket checking and submit related travel documents for border exit & entry.
    - Go through real name ticket checking at ticket concouse on B1 level and come to the first set of gates for security inspection of luggage.
    - Go downstairs to the departure concourse on B3 level to complete border exit procedures at Hong Kong port as well as border entry procedures at Mainland China port.
    - Follow the instructions to pass by the second set of gates to go to B4 level to board the train. Boarding gates close 5 minutes prior to train departure.

    Departure Concourse at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station
    Departure Concourse @ Hong Kong West Kowloon Station

  • For Inbound Travelers
  • - Alight at the platform on B4 level.
    - Go upstairs to B2 level to go through border clearance procedures.
    - Exit the gate and leave the train station.

Useful Tips to Rail Travelers

West Kowloon Railway Station
Travelers are going through security check at West Kowloon Railway Station during China's Golden Week Holiday on October 1, 2018.

Please take your time to read following service terms to make your journey smoothly.
I. Train ticket is valid only on travel date, train number and railway station(s) it specified and it can't be used the 2nd time for unfinished journey caused by drop off of the passenger mid-way and etc.
II. Ticket gates open 45 minutes before the departure of the train. Travelers should check their tickets in the earliest time possible to make sure they will leave enough time to go through border crossing procedures. Boarding gates close 5 minutes prior to the departure of the train.
III: Carry on luggage regulations: maximum weight of luggage is 20 kg for the adult traveler, 10 kg for the children traveler and 35 kg for the diplomat traveler. Luggage size should not exceed 130 cm (height+length+width). The high speed train doesn't offer courier service. Interested party please to to the ticketing concourse to consult related service providers.
IV: Passengers with disabilities please contact service center of West Kowloon Railway Station for special assistance on barrier-free travel.

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