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Official China Train Timetable from Guangzhou to Wenzhou

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Train No. Departs Arrives Distance Duration 2nd class
1st class
Hard Sleeper Soft Sleeper
K326/K327 Guangzhou
1682km 23h 42min ¥198 - ¥337/¥349/¥361 ¥602/¥629
K326/K327 Guangzhou North
1655km 23h 5min ¥192 - ¥328/¥339/¥351 ¥587/¥611
2 trains from Guangzhou to Wenzhou

Rail Travel Notes:
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  2. Click on the train number to see its travel route. It is easier to buy & reserve tickets on original trains than that of
    passing-by trains.
  3. Almost all trains listed here run on daily basis. Train schedule is specified in Beijing China time and ticket price is
    quoted in CNY Yuan.
  4. Advance ticket reservation period is 60 days maximum. China has the busiest railway networks in the world, we advise you
    book the ticket in advance if you can.
  5. Some train stations have same name in Chinese Pinyin, please check their extensions to differentiate them.
  6. Our database updates on regular basis to make sure you can get the most up-to-date train schedule. Even though
    we try best to provide accurate ticket price information, we can't guarantee it's 100% correct.

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