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Guangzhou to Hong Kong Train Schedule & Ticket Prices

12 daily trains available from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. Check train No. to see its travel route or use filters to shorten the listing.
Departure Time:
Train No. Departs Arrives Distance Duration First Class Ticket Premium Class Ticket Ticketing
Z801Guangzhou East
Hung Hom
183km1h 58minCNY190/HK$210
Z807Guangzhou East
Hung Hom
183km1h 58minCNY190/HK$210
Z813Guangzhou East
Hung Hom
183km1h 58minCNY190/HK$210
Z823Guangzhou East
Hung Hom
183km1h 56minCNY190/HK$210CNY230/HK$250
Z817Guangzhou East
Hung Hom
183km1h 53minCNY190/HK$210
Z809Guangzhou East
Hung Hom
183km1h 58minCNY190/HK$210
Z825Guangzhou East
Hung Hom
183km1h 56minCNY190/HK$210CNY230/HK$250
Z815Guangzhou East
Hung Hom
183km1h 58minCNY190/HK$210
Z803Guangzhou East
Hung Hom
183km1h 58minCNY190/HK$210
Z819Guangzhou East
Hung Hom
183km1h 58minCNY190/HK$210
Z827Guangzhou East
Hung Hom
183km1h 56minCNY190/HK$210CNY230/HK$250
Z811Guangzhou East
Hung Hom
183km1h 53minCNY190/HK$210

Guangzhou to Hong Kong Train Travel Guide:
  1. China Train Guide » Guangzhou Train Travel Guide » Guangzhou to Hong Kong Through Train Timetable
  2. T99B runs on alternate date and all other trains listed here run everyday.
  3. Train schedule is specified in Beijing China time.
  4. Advance ticket booking period for Guangzhou Hong Kong Through Train is 60 days maximum. Ticket can be reserved through the official
    website of MTR Intercity Through Train.
  5. Children under 5 years old don't need to pay to travel on Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train as long as they don't occupy independent seats and
    child tickets are issued to those aged from 5 to 9 years old only.
  6. Passengers are advised to reach Guangzhou East Railway Station for at least 45 minutes before train departure so that they can leave enough
    time to go through related exit formalities.
  7. Passenger can call the hotline (852)2947 7888 to make inquiry on luggage rule, ticket booking as well as further service information.
  8. Click here for Returning Train schedule from Hong Kong to Guangzhou.

Frequently Asked Questions on Guangzhou - Hong Kong Train Travel

Part one: Schedule
Q: do you have the same schedule for every day?
ANSWER: We will update the schedule whenever it changes. So if you happen to search a train that will change its schedule on your travel date,
you may get the wrong info, however, this happens seldom according to our experience.
Train timetable between Hong Kong and Guangzhou seldom changes, Most likely you will have no problem to find the right schedule on this web page.
Part Two: Ticket Purchase and Booking
Q: I am located at Hong Kong central, I need to go from Hong Kong to Guangzhou on Tuesday march 10th in the morning and return on Saturday march 4th
from Guangzhou to Hong Kong.
Do I need to purchase tickets in advance or I can buy at the station before traveling?
ANSWER: You can reserve round trip ticket through the official website
Name of the train station in Hong Kong is called as Hung Hom Station, Its exact location can be found through MTR's official website.
Yes, you can purchase ticket at the station. Reserving ticket in advance can just secure you can board the train wanted. Sometimes, tickets might have been
sold out before your arrival, that's why we would advise you reserve ticket in advance.
Q: how to purchase train tickets from Guangzhou to Hong Kong?
ANSWER: Ticket for Guangzhou East Train Station to Hung Hom Station of Hong Kong is not sold online, you will have to go to the train station to purchase ticket
yourself or you can find a ticket agency to purchase ticket on your behalf using your passport.
Q: I am a register member with MTR Inter City Through Train. I tried to book tickets from Guangzhou East to Hung Hom but failed.
( i tried for the last 10 days). I contacted MTR and had been suggested to contact Guangzhou East station directly. Please help. I want 3 tickets from Guangzhou East to HungHom
ANSWER: I am sorry, we can't help you on this regard as Guangzhou to Hong Kong train ticket is not sold online. The official website of MTR sells
Hong Kong to Guangzhou ticket or round trip ticket only. You can just purchase ticket yourself after your arrival to Guangzhou. Reserving ticket in the earliest time is not necessary as far as
we knew. Otherwise, you can search Internet to see if you can find any other agency to help you on this regard.
i need to purchase a ticket from Guangzhou east to Hong Kong......
I have joined the mtr web site... but it says i have to pick the tickets up in Hong Kong....
I am leaving from Guangzhou east....
Surely there is a place to pick up the tickets there....???
Am i correct..???
ANSWER: Just as what MTR website said, you will have to pick up ticket in Hong Kong if you purchase ticket through its website; reason is that MTR
doesn't have office in Guangzhou to deal with ticket collection issue.
Part Three: Ticket Availability, Change & Cancellation
Q:I will be flying from Singapore to Guangzhou on 2 Dec, and can reach the Guangzhou East station by 14.00.
I hope to buy a train ticket for Guangzhou to Hong Kong train departing at 17.33 on that day. Do you think the chance is good to get it? Is it a peak season
or peak travel period?
ANSWER: Peak travel period for Guangzhou-Hong Kong Through Train would be on weekends holidays as well as dates for Canton Fair. Passengers are
advised to reserve ticket in advance if you happen to travel during this time.
I can see no problem in your travel plan. However, we can't confirm ticket availability as well as time you will spend to queue up to purchase your
ticket.Therefore, we would advise you to have a try.
Q: Please advise how to cancel tickets I bought..
ANSWER: You are advised to go to the ticket window of Guangzhou East Station to change or cancel ticket. Since we don't have its ticket refund
policy, I can't give you how much would you get from the refund. Experience told us the earlier you go to the train station to go through related procedure, the more you get from the refund.
If you bought the ticket from Hong Kong, then it's not possible to change or cancel ticket in Guangzhou, that means, you will have to do so in
Hong Kong.
No fee is involved to change ticket; however, you will have go to related procedure 30 minutes before train departure. You are allowed to change ticket only
once and it's not possible to cancel ticket after it has been changed.
Part Four: Transfer
Q: Can I travel by train from Baiyun Airport Guangzhou to Hong Kong and if yes how do I do this? Do I need to buy tickets online or before I arrive at Baiyun Airport?
ANSWER: There is no direct bus or train running between Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and Hong Kong. I can provide two transportation options for you:
  1. subway+train.
  2. To travel this way, you should firstly take the metro line 3 from Baiyun Airport to Guangzhou East Train Station and then transfer to a MTR through train to get to Hong Kong.
  3. Bus
  4. Firstly, You should take the airport express bus line 5 to Dongfang Hotel station (ticket cost is RMB 16 Yuan). In its neighborhood, you can find a hotel named
    as Marriott China Hotel Guangzhou, where you can find direct bus to Hong Kong.
    The first bus leaves Marriott China Hotel Guangzhou at 05:30. Here you can find frequent buses for Hong Kong (almost every half an hour).
    Unfortunately, I don't know its actual price for bus ticket from the hotel to Hong Kong. There is no official website that sells bus ticket specified here.
Q: Is there any possibility to get a train from Guilin to Hong Kong and another train from Guilin to Macau? We thank you for giving us more
ANSWER: Guilin has no direct train to Hong Kong or Macau. You can take flight to get there.
To travel by the train to Hong Kong, you are advised to go from Guilin to Shenzhen and then cross border at Luohu Port to enter Hong Kong. You can either go
to Guangzhou and move forward to Guangzhou East Station to change the through train for Hong Kong.
To travel to Macau by train, you are advised to go from Guilin to Guangzhou and then move forward to Guangzhou South Station to change
train for Zhuhai Gongbei. You can then cross border there at Gongbei Port to enter Macau.
Part Five: Train Type, Stations and etc
Q: I want to know is there any bullet train from Guanzhou to hong kong. If there is can I have the train schedule and the train fare. How long is
it from guanzhou to hong kong.
ANSWER: Trains running between Guangzhou East Station and Kowloon of Hong Kong are regular trains, not so called bullets train or high speed
Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high speed railway is still under construction, it's said the high speed train between Guangzhou and Hong Kong would be
available in 2018, however, we can't confirm this with you.
Q: I would like to know if all the trains from GZ to HK would stop by Sheung Shui, NT of HK?
ANSWER:The MTR through train has no middle stops. It terminates at Hung Hom Station which is just located in the downtown Hong Kong. Hung Hom is the only station
the train stops.
Part Six: Luggage
Q: If I bring extra luggage FROM GUANGZHOU to HONG KONG TRAIN,what is the price per extra kg? thank you!
ANSWER: I am sorry, we don't have more to provide on this regard. You will have to consult luggage/parcel consignment charges with the staff at Guangzhou East Train Station.
Part Seven: passport control
Q: I wish to travel from Guangzhou to Hong Kong.
I understand I can go to a Guangzhou railway station several days before my journey to clear passport control (I am British) inspection & purchase
my ticket. This allows me a non stop journey to Hong Kong. Is this correct - if yes which station in Guangzhou?
ANSWER: You should go to Guangzhou East Station to purchase ticket, go through related customs procedure and board the train.
Q: Hi, in two weeks (July 10th), I will be traveling from Guangzhou East (Tianhe) to Hong Kong (Hung Hom). My train will arrive in Guangzhou
at 04:55 that morning, but I understand that the MTR does not open until 06:00 so I must wait in order to get to the East station. If I want to catch the 08:19 train into Kowloon that day, how early do I need to be at the East station
in order to buy my ticket and go through custom formalities? Do I need to book my ticket in advance? Thank you.
ANSWER: Guangzhou East Train Station requires you to go through custom formalities 45 minutes in advance and the checking-in window for will be closed 10 minutes before train departure.
I would advise you get to Guangzhou East Train Station for at least 90 hour in advance to make sure you leave enough time to purchase ticket, go through
related border checks and board the train.
Q: If i take a train from Guangzhou to Hongkong, do i need to pass through immigration ? Does the train go to Disneyland?
To take Guangzhou-Hong Kong Through Train to visit Hong Kong, You should go through exit formalities at Guangzhou East Train Station and go through
entry formalities at Hong Kong's Hung Hom Train Station. For entry Hong Kong with passport, you are required to fill in an arrival card before passing through Customs Passport Control of Hong Kong. You will be allowed to entry
Hong Kong after inspection of the passport and arrival card.

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